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CherrySue Doin' the Do is an Irish beauty & lifestyle site. Up, running & kicking ass since 2011, I guess you could call us an OG blog with the audience to prove it. 

Based in Ireland but with readers and subscribers worldwide, we work closely with many brands and agencies to bring readers the cream of life's crop with the cherry on top and our audience have come to expect no messing messing* from us every single day. 

I regularly speak at conferences and networking events about blogging/branding and communication but have been known to wedge in the odd Social Media Consultancy sesh too. 

If you would like me to review a product or service or would like to have a chat about anything else weird or wonderful do please get in touch. Media Kits for both Corrina & I available on request. 

All reviews, cross platform, have always been and will continue to be 100% honest out of respect for CherrySue readers and subscribers.

If you're one of those gorgeous readers or subscribers and have any questions, comments or would just like to say Hai, sure pen me a line or send me a tweet, s'all good.

Thanks for dropping by x

*Yep 'no messing messing' is a thing!