Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's Moments: 30/09/13

Afternoon all and welcome to a brand new week. I do hope Monday hasn't been too cruel to you so far. I ventured out once or twice so am currently heat wrapped to the gills and typing from a horizontal position. These Moments are just some of why it was TOTALLY worth it...

1. Oh Hai

If you follow me on Instagram at all you'll know this little chicken is my crazy nephew Cillian. He's about to turn two and has laughed for basically all of those two years and is now making everyone else laugh too. 

This week, while out at lunch, there was a woman opposite us being attacked by a wasp - the first I saw of it was Cillian waving at her wildly with a big smile, thinking she was waving at him. Almost choked on my drink laughing at him and once the other lady was out of mortal danger, she did too. 

2. Drunken Doppelgänger

I got a Facebook message from the eldest on Wednesday with this picture and the question - 'WHAT WERE YOU DOING?'

Ladies and gents, this is not me but if ever I was to be fall down drunk *ahem* I now know exactly how attractive that would be. God knows where he got this and, of course, I told him it wasn't me but his response? 'Yeah I know but all your friends don't since I've just put it on your timeline. SLAPS. 

3. Brightly Lit Temple

Not actually Adam
Of late, the youngest Gorgebag has decided that he needs a little more GTL in his life to become even more gorgeous - I blame Geordie Shore *gags*. He's joined the gym and stayed away from all the sweeties and bikkies (that he usually inhales before the rest of us) and has been doing really well. Reminding me daily that his 'body is a temple'. 

On Friday afternoon though I came in with tea and Foxes Viennese bisquits and he almost burst a vein in his temple trying to resist - eventually diving on them.. 'I thought your body was a temple' says I, says he 'It is but this temple has windows!!'. Lord help me. 

4. Scoops with a View 

Having been to the rooftop of the Marker Hotel for an event or two in the past few months, I promised myself faithfully we'd be back for drinkies. Handy then that I remembered the golden ticket I'd won at this years Dot Conf  for rooftop drinks and dins for 6. 

The view truly does have to be seen to be believed. We had a wonderful evening with a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere and delicious dins downstairs in the Brasserie. Very a la carte altogether. 

5. Hilariously Evil

Remember this evil genius in the making? While at the screening of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 yesterday I think she may have been in our audience. 

The film itself was non stop laughter but right at the action finale, this little girl, who could have been no more than four, let out the most evil laugh I've ever heard that filled the cinema - the entire audience erupted with laughter (and probably thanked Jebus that she wasn't their's). I dunno, I'd like to be her pal!

Tell me, what's been chasing away your Monday Blues today? Any Happy Haps you'd like to share? 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week: Bell X 1- Careful What You Wish For

This week's Pick is the newest from one of Ireland's most underrated bands of all time: Bell X1 and their new album Chop Chop. 

The lads have easily one of the most enjoyable live shows around and should you want to hear more (as I ALWAYS do) they'll be playing Vicar St on December 20th - gotta love a Crimbo week gig. 

Are you a Bell X1 fan? Is there another Irish band you think have been woejussly overlooked? 

Friday, September 27, 2013

R.I.P.D - Movie Review

Who's in it? 


What's it about? 

When Nick (Reynolds) is double crossed and murdered he finds himself on the other side and given a choice: rot in hell or join the R.I.P.D (Rest in Peace Department) to rid the world of evil souls (Deados) before they destroy the world as we know it. He chooses the latter, obvs. 

Any Good? 

When one of the main attractions of a movie publicly admits he's 'underwhelmed' with the finished result then it's difficult to go in expecting great things. Unfortunately for R.I.P.D I kinda agree with Jeff Bridges and left the cinema barely whelmed. 

While the CGI is passable, the entire premise of the film is such a blatant rip off of Men in Black, without the laughs and it just doesn't sit right with the audience. Bridges reprises his Rooster Cogburn, True Grit character to a tee as an old timey gunslinger and provides much of the movies gravitas. Reynolds and his overly exaggerated  am dram facial expressions will never sit well with me. As in every other Reynolds offering EVER, he plays Ryan Reynolds by a different name, the human chocolate bar that only he wants to eat. I'm not a fan. 

The veteran cop meeting the rookie with disdain - it's all SO FAMILIAR 
While RIPD is a satisfactory comic book film, the script just seems to fall flat. Don't get me wrong, there are laughs, just not where they're intended. The plot seems a little jumbled as we're expected to keep up with the rules and characters, which all occasionally lose the run of themselves. While I was left a little confused, I can see the mish mash begin perfectly acceptable to little 'uns that just want to see a big movie with some slapstick carry on shoved in. 

Roy and Nick to the naked eye
 With an overall loss of over $100 million, RIPD has been hailed as this years largest flop but there are redeeming moments. I'm not going to recommend you part with your hard earned euro bux for a date night or evening out seeing this but if you have smallies (over 7) in need of entertaining this weekend then this might just suit everyone concerned, if you can tolerate McCheese Reynolds that is. 


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

Oh hai, Friday EVE, how have I managed to get as far as you with my Jimmies as Rustled as they have been? Hmmm?

Let's try to redress that sitch, shall we? 

1. Trying to Figure out what I get for the 
TV Licence Fee

 photo CZrkIrC_zps6d6f6c68.gif

2. 7 hour A&E Waits

 photo Dying_middle_finger_zps836cbd43.gif

3. People who sniffle for an entire conversation 
then try to kiss you goodbye

 photo JBOwoNS_zps1cfc1e48.gif

4. Seeing great twitpics and instagrams 
of events I'm missing

 photo 1n1cVmu_zpsdce9f1ff.gif

5. Entire Sale racks only having size 6s left!

 photo ZcTjGdB_zps0e159638.gif

Lordy, that feels better - I could have gone on for at least ten Jimmie Rustlers this week but I wouldn't do that to you. 

Tell me though, what's been getting your goat this week? It's cathartic to share - seriously...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Natural Answer to Harsh Exfoliating Foot Wraps with Eco Tools, Cococare & Pixy (NO tootsie pics included)

Before I even start I'll preface this with a promise that I won't be freaking you out with any tootsie pictures, they even make me squirm. That's mainly why I didn't want to try those exfoliating, skin shed inducing foot wraps that has everyone wearing boots in the sunshine to try and hide their effects, I opted instead for a more natural approach with Eco Tools Spa Moisture Socks. 

Eco Tools Spa Moisture Socks: $3.32
Made with rayon viscose from the bamboo plant, these one size fits most socks feel softer than cotton and are shaped like slipper socks though much MUCH lighter so don't agitate or cause unnecessary heat on your piggies at night. 

Cococare for Dry Cracked Heels: $2.40
Because I was already on an iHerb perusal, I decided I'd pair up my Eco Tools Spa Socks with this little number: Cococare for Dry and Cracked Heels, figuring the two would still only equate to less than a fiver. With cocoa seed butter, lanolin, menthol and salicylic acid, this clear balm reminds me very much of a spearmint Vaseline of sorts.

Pixy Solid Foot Scrub: €8.95

First I hopped in the shower and had a quick scrub with what's left of my second Irish made Pixy Solid Foot Scrub packed full of tea tree, neem oils, cedar wood, almond oil and lavender essential oils in a foot shape of cocoa butter. Second, I slathered on a layer of Cococare on each tootsie and pulled on the Eco Tools socks before I collapsed for the night. 


I barely felt the socks or balm on my feet through the night and awoke slightly confused before remembering I'd even worn them. The results were definitely softer feet. My heels were smoother and one pesky crack that's been pestering me all summer even seemed reduced. Admittedly my feet didn't shed their own skin like some scaldy snake but let's be honest that's a good thing. 

I could happily wear my sandals the following day and whats more the results lasted for about a week with no further treatment. I think next time I'll be trying the sockies with a more heavy duty foot cream so all recommendations are heartily encouraged in the comments - with links if you have 'em. 

Oh and you know when I promised no Tootsie pics? I totally lied...

Tell me, what do you do to keep your piggies pristine? 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Giorgio Armani's Nail Lacquer with Swatches

I'm more than a little discerning when it comes to nail polishes. That doesn't mean I opt for brands over budget nor cost over quality. I'm all about great colours, well designed brushes, quick drying and high shine finish. It's really no surprise that Armani has ticked all of those boxes and more with their new Nail Lacquer line though is it? 

Available in 18 colours, 6 in each of the three colour trends: Aqua, Reds and Beiges, there's bound to be something here to please just about every nail tip this autumn/winter and beyond. 

All 18 lacquers lined up at the Armani Launch (More on the Rouge Ecstasy lippies pictured SOON)
The lighter shades of Armani's nail lacquers give a completely opaque finish in just one coat, thanks to the wide, short brush that manages to coat the entire nail in just one swipe, but the darker variants definitely need two, such as Night Viper (below) the deepest, most flattering, autumn appropriate, oxblood colour I've used. 

While the high shine finish is a beautiful touch with this formulation and means you can skip the top coat, be sure to use a base coat to prevent staining of your nails. Inspired by car lacquer, apparently, the polish formulation dries quickly from liquid to high shine gel. This innovation is credited too with the long wear promise. I managed three days so far without chips - kind of unheard of sans Seche Vite. 

And finally, these colours complement each other beautifully so lend themselves very well to autumnal nail art. This tweed offering shall be posted later this week and couldn't be simpler to do. 

Armani Nail Lacquers launch exclusively in Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork from October 15th at €24 a piece. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday's Moments: 23/09/13

Wow, wow, WOW, what a weekend that was - so incredible in fact that even Monday's Moments didn't make it up till midday. 

Without further delay, here's what's been chasing my Monday Blues away this week:

1. Premature Winter Warmers

Every year around this time I stock up on cosy pjs and lounge wear with fluffy socks for the lads and I. Seeing how miserable it was last week, I did just that. There's no greater feeling than getting out of the shower and into toasty pjs - well there wasn't until the temperatures rocketed in Dublin this weekend again and hit the mid twenties. I love you fluffy socks but I love the sunshine more!

2. A Little Bloggy Milestone

Number two might seem a little silly to some but it's something I've been keeping an eye on. I have personal goals for this here blog and reaching 1000 GFC lovelies was just one of them (yep, I know GFC is a dinosaur and a judge of nothing). 

To think we've just turned two though and I've hit that makes me just a little bit proud though. Thanks so much to those of you that have followed and to the tens of thousands more than just stop by for a reccy? Thank you too :)

3. Adventure Time

This weekend saw us pack up the car and head down Wexford way for an adventure weekend, won by my ridiculously lucky skin and blister (WHO SHOULD HAVE A BLOG). 

10 of us and the baby descended upon the Maldron in Wexford (lovely place, family friendly and great staff) and the lads were picked up on Saturday for a day at Shielbaggan OEC

They enjoyed archery, caving, coasteering, abseiling and the rest while the Sis and I taxed ourselves with hot stone foot and leg massages and a jacuzzi or two. Even heading out to college and school this morning the lads were full of chat about their adventures - as soon as my bandy back is sorted we will return!

4. Life Pro Tip

Life Pro Tip: Start a relationship on his birthday, that way you always get a gift too!

Another milestone or two this weekend was celebrating his birthday and our one year anniversary. A YEAR. Probably the funniest thing of the whole debacle was trying to sneak his Patrick Starfish helium balloon into the hotel wearing a hoody. Frightened about 4 old dears in the process. Sorry, ladies but Happy Birthday to Spongebob!

5. Mayo for Sambos

Last and very far from least was the match that half the country watched yesterday. We managed to catch it outdoors in the 23 degree heat but the noise was nothing like I've ever heard. 

There were a couple of Mayo fans there too but the banter was all friendly. Brilliant match and of course we're thrilled the blues won, the sportsmanship shown when the final whistle went is one of the reasons I much prefer the GAA to soccer. I've no doubt there's a few sore heads today though. Well done lads. 

And that's them, my Monday's Moments - tell us, what's chasing away your blues today or are you one of the many sore noggins? 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week: Rizzle Kicks - Lost Generation

Pick this week is from those cheeky chappies, Rizzle Kicks. Their newest tune, Lost Generation is a catchy one and I've no doubt it's number one bound. 

The fact that they get the vacuous, delusional condescending cretin that is Jeremy Kyle in a headlock in the video just makes me love 'em more. 

Tell me, what's on repeat in your noggin this week then? 

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Call - Movie Review

Who's in it?


What's it about?

The Call opens with Jordan (Halle Berry) as a 911 operator taking a call from a young girl about to be abducted by a vicious killer that will change her life forever. Believing she is responsible for the girl's death (mostly because she is), Jordan takes a step back from the front line, opting instead for a training role until she is called into action to attempt to save a life once more.

Any Good?

If you've seen and enjoyed a tense abduction thriller before then you'll know exactly what to expect with The Call because it's as cliched as they come. Scenes slot into place and the movie progresses exactly as you would expect but credit where it's due, tension builds nicely and we're taken along for the ride for the most part.

Michael Ecklund as the deranged abductor just about steals the show and manages to keep the momentum going despite the final third of the film falling into farce. Not content to allow the actual police force do their job, Jordan leaves the 911 centre and seems to transform into Jessica Fletcher before our very eyes. Not one minute of it believable.

At just 90 minutes, The Call isn't going to take up much of your weekend but it will leave you with a serious sense of disappointment after such a promising start. All 'round I'd recommend you save your tenner ticket price and wait to see this one as a dvd or online - it'd make a solid thriller for movie night in, that way you can switch off should you feel the need.

(That or you could just watch the trailer as it contains the ENTIRE film)

As far as tense telephone thrillers go? Phonebox it aint.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

You would think with me barely moving outside the door these days that my Jimmies would remain relatively unrustled, right? You'd be WRONG - let's get this irate show on the road!

1. People on the Bus 
Reading My Texts Over My Shoulder

 photo Ak8SynI_zps9f81abc8.gif

2. Sky Talking Over the End of Programmes! 

 photo tumblr_me3u9fK5wZ1ri41obo1_500_zpsd67c4a6c.gif

3. Air Quotes

 photo Wtf2_zps035d504f.gif

4. People that Don't Cover Their Mouths to Cough

 photo tumblr_mkn61jBdDR1s2kzvmo1_250_zps7f7706d0.gif

5. Cashiers that Put My Change on the Counter 
When I'm Already Holding my Hand Out!

 photo tumblr_mee50tNyIg1ryatpyo1_500_zpsbdd75e49.gif

Yep, that about sums it up this week, I can once more breathe easy and escape the eye twitch for another day or so at least. 

Tell us, what's been rustling your Jimmies this week.. Hmmm?