Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Molton Brown's Celestial Maracuja Body Soufflé Review

I've been a Molton Brown Überfan since long before I could afford their luxurious products. It's been my one splurge, even before I was bitten by the blogging bug and I blame that entirely on my eldest Brosef sending me a Travel Pack many moons ago and me guarding it with my life. I now buy this brand as a gift,  especially for my Poppa as a treat and that's in no small way because the store is always ridiculously generous with samples. 

My most recent purchase was three fold, stocking up on my July Favourite, Bracing Silverbirch, the Cool Buchu gift set for my Pops to celebrate his finishing up treatment and this, the Celestial Maracuja body soufflé because it was on sale from €48.99 to €23 - who doesn't love a half price sale? 

Whipped with organic maracuja passionflower seed oil, olive oil and caramel within its oils and emollients, this silicone free, rich body soufflé absorbs quickly and leaves no residue on the skin. Truth be told I was expecting more of an exotic scent straight from the tub but Celestial Maracuja is a grower, not a shower. 

Within 1 hour of using this unctuous, subtlety scented soufflé it joined what I affectionately call the League of Little Thigh Rubbing Creams (Kiehl's Creme de Corps is another) only because every single time I use the loo I have to have a little rub of my thighs to appreciate how silky soft my skin is. 

Though Molton Brown recommend you use Celestial Maracuja morning and evening, I've found just one application is enough to give me supple skin for up to two days, once used straight after hopping from the shower. 

Unfortunately this body soufflé is not available right now on the Molton Brown site, my guess is that's why I got my feelers on it for half price but I have found it here on LookFantastic for €44.99 with free worldwide delivery (but limited stock). 

My advice is if you can get your mitts or your thighs on this rich, luxurious body soufflé, do it, do it immediately. 

Do you have a body cream that could join the League of Little Thigh Rubbers?   Lemme know!

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