Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday's Moments: 23/09/13

Wow, wow, WOW, what a weekend that was - so incredible in fact that even Monday's Moments didn't make it up till midday. 

Without further delay, here's what's been chasing my Monday Blues away this week:

1. Premature Winter Warmers

Every year around this time I stock up on cosy pjs and lounge wear with fluffy socks for the lads and I. Seeing how miserable it was last week, I did just that. There's no greater feeling than getting out of the shower and into toasty pjs - well there wasn't until the temperatures rocketed in Dublin this weekend again and hit the mid twenties. I love you fluffy socks but I love the sunshine more!

2. A Little Bloggy Milestone

Number two might seem a little silly to some but it's something I've been keeping an eye on. I have personal goals for this here blog and reaching 1000 GFC lovelies was just one of them (yep, I know GFC is a dinosaur and a judge of nothing). 

To think we've just turned two though and I've hit that makes me just a little bit proud though. Thanks so much to those of you that have followed and to the tens of thousands more than just stop by for a reccy? Thank you too :)

3. Adventure Time

This weekend saw us pack up the car and head down Wexford way for an adventure weekend, won by my ridiculously lucky skin and blister (WHO SHOULD HAVE A BLOG). 

10 of us and the baby descended upon the Maldron in Wexford (lovely place, family friendly and great staff) and the lads were picked up on Saturday for a day at Shielbaggan OEC

They enjoyed archery, caving, coasteering, abseiling and the rest while the Sis and I taxed ourselves with hot stone foot and leg massages and a jacuzzi or two. Even heading out to college and school this morning the lads were full of chat about their adventures - as soon as my bandy back is sorted we will return!

4. Life Pro Tip

Life Pro Tip: Start a relationship on his birthday, that way you always get a gift too!

Another milestone or two this weekend was celebrating his birthday and our one year anniversary. A YEAR. Probably the funniest thing of the whole debacle was trying to sneak his Patrick Starfish helium balloon into the hotel wearing a hoody. Frightened about 4 old dears in the process. Sorry, ladies but Happy Birthday to Spongebob!

5. Mayo for Sambos

Last and very far from least was the match that half the country watched yesterday. We managed to catch it outdoors in the 23 degree heat but the noise was nothing like I've ever heard. 

There were a couple of Mayo fans there too but the banter was all friendly. Brilliant match and of course we're thrilled the blues won, the sportsmanship shown when the final whistle went is one of the reasons I much prefer the GAA to soccer. I've no doubt there's a few sore heads today though. Well done lads. 

And that's them, my Monday's Moments - tell us, what's chasing away your blues today or are you one of the many sore noggins? 


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and himself! Just got out last year's jammies and coat, good douse of febreeze.

S said...

Congratulations! I bought more PJ's on Friday too, including some lovely cosy woolly slipper boots that my cankles will not fit in to... also please bully your sister into doing a blog. Please.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the milestone and your anniversary Sue, to many more coming! The necklace is stunning, the perfect little heart.

I am the same with the pj's, the moment i stocked up for colder nights...the heat wave came lol. Not complaining though! x