Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's Moments: 30/09/13

Afternoon all and welcome to a brand new week. I do hope Monday hasn't been too cruel to you so far. I ventured out once or twice so am currently heat wrapped to the gills and typing from a horizontal position. These Moments are just some of why it was TOTALLY worth it...

1. Oh Hai

If you follow me on Instagram at all you'll know this little chicken is my crazy nephew Cillian. He's about to turn two and has laughed for basically all of those two years and is now making everyone else laugh too. 

This week, while out at lunch, there was a woman opposite us being attacked by a wasp - the first I saw of it was Cillian waving at her wildly with a big smile, thinking she was waving at him. Almost choked on my drink laughing at him and once the other lady was out of mortal danger, she did too. 

2. Drunken Doppelgänger

I got a Facebook message from the eldest on Wednesday with this picture and the question - 'WHAT WERE YOU DOING?'

Ladies and gents, this is not me but if ever I was to be fall down drunk *ahem* I now know exactly how attractive that would be. God knows where he got this and, of course, I told him it wasn't me but his response? 'Yeah I know but all your friends don't since I've just put it on your timeline. SLAPS. 

3. Brightly Lit Temple

Not actually Adam
Of late, the youngest Gorgebag has decided that he needs a little more GTL in his life to become even more gorgeous - I blame Geordie Shore *gags*. He's joined the gym and stayed away from all the sweeties and bikkies (that he usually inhales before the rest of us) and has been doing really well. Reminding me daily that his 'body is a temple'. 

On Friday afternoon though I came in with tea and Foxes Viennese bisquits and he almost burst a vein in his temple trying to resist - eventually diving on them.. 'I thought your body was a temple' says I, says he 'It is but this temple has windows!!'. Lord help me. 

4. Scoops with a View 

Having been to the rooftop of the Marker Hotel for an event or two in the past few months, I promised myself faithfully we'd be back for drinkies. Handy then that I remembered the golden ticket I'd won at this years Dot Conf  for rooftop drinks and dins for 6. 

The view truly does have to be seen to be believed. We had a wonderful evening with a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere and delicious dins downstairs in the Brasserie. Very a la carte altogether. 

5. Hilariously Evil

Remember this evil genius in the making? While at the screening of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 yesterday I think she may have been in our audience. 

The film itself was non stop laughter but right at the action finale, this little girl, who could have been no more than four, let out the most evil laugh I've ever heard that filled the cinema - the entire audience erupted with laughter (and probably thanked Jebus that she wasn't their's). I dunno, I'd like to be her pal!

Tell me, what's been chasing away your Monday Blues today? Any Happy Haps you'd like to share? 

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