Sunday, 8 September 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

Good news, everybone order has been restored here in Casa Cherry, gremlins have been evicted, t'internet has been updated and my desktop has been returned - whoop!

In the spirit of celebration and in an effort to shake off this weeks feeling of stabbiness I thought a little Jimmie Rustler post was in order - I've no doubt there's a few  hundreds of you in need of a rant too so let's get to it: 

1. People that Wander 'round the Garage 
when Their Car is Blocking the Pumps

 photo tumblr_lxyu3wyfGa1qcsp5b_zps5409f1e2.gif

2. People Barging onto the Bus 
when You're Waiting to Get Off

 photo fCYIoQd_zpsbea358ec.gif

3. A Mouthful of Cold Tea

 photo tumblr_mak1ksKinz1rn2271_zps8578043d.gif

4. Realising a Large Direct Debit 
was Taken a Week Early

 photo VjnlUE8_zpseaaf0375.gif

5. People that Don't Say 'Thank You'

 photo say-what_zps88e81264.gif

And that's them, feels goood, man. 

Tell me, what's been Rustling your Jimmies this week? 

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