Saturday, 14 September 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

Happy Saturday, peeps, despite being laid up on Thursday (a Jimmie Rustler in itself) we can't let a week go by without letting off some steam - it's not safe for anyone. 

As always, this is a safe place, release your own Jimmie Rustlers in the comments - it helps, honest!

1. People Cycling Through Pedestrians 

on the FOOT Path

 photo ECVX3z3_zps0b1385bc.gif

2. Being Asked 'Is Everything Ok' in a Restaurant
Just as I Take a HUGE Mouthful 

 photo 240_zpsbdbad7f6.gif

3. The Furore over Miley Cyrus

 photo TfWSNdc_zps68050019.gif

4. Couriers that Knock Continually 
Until You Get to the Door

 photo tumblr_lqpdo2TkZ01r0ftodo1_400_zpsb7a144c9.gif

5. Finding an Empty Milk Carton in the Fridge AGAIN

 photo cMzkQAM_zps78c5742c.gif

See? I already feel soooo much better - get on this good feel gravy train and tell me - what's Rustling your Jimmies this week? 

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