Monday, January 30, 2012

Kiehl's Lip Gloss - Pink Rider

I've spoken before about my grá for all things Kiehl's and at length about my obsession with lipgloss. But what happens when you combine the two?

My personal gloss Nirvana. That's what.

Kiehl's Lip Gloss is light, non sticky and because its made with grape seed extract, rose extract and apricot kernel oil it smells and tastes delicious. (Yep, I know I'm not meant to be eating it).

Ingredients that make the deliciousness
My choice, the unfortunately named Pink Rider, is a creamy, dusky pink that wears as a sheer hint of blush pink. The vitamin E has done wonders for my poor winter lips (when I don't lick it straight off).

A lot of hesitation to buy Kiehl's comes from the fact that this stuff ain't cheap. Even with their recent lowering of prices in Ireland their products are still on the steep side. At €16 a tube for one of 10 colours, these glosses certainly aren't throwaways but I've said it before & I will again, I've always found with this brand you're getting the quality you pay for. I'm obviously not alone in that mindset as these glosses have been intermittently sold out online for weeks now but are restocked continuously. 

Sheer pink with subtle micro glitter for shine

The only downside I can find with this gloss is the need to reapply a little bit more than I'm happy with, if I could stop licking the shaggin' thing that might be rectified.

If you're in the market for some TLC for your kisser or looking for a little Valentines self gift I'll heartily (geddit) recommend a Kiehl's Lip Gloss. You could either keep an eye on the online store or pop into one of their gorgeous shops in Wicklow St or now in Dundrum Town Centre. The staff are always super helpful and even very generous with the samples. What's not to love?

Have you tried this gloss before? Or do you have a HG gloss that you'd recommend?

Monday's Moments - 30/1

It's the last Monday of January, feckity feckballs! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... This past week, however? Loved it. Let's get this show on the road & kick Monday blues in the goolies, shall we?

1. You found me!

One of my favourite moments this week has been repeated several times. If you're a blogger you'll know the WTF? moment of finding out what search terms people have used to find your blog. I've had 'teenage schoolgirl in nappies', 'make a bitch smile' and 'Chanel sh*te', hopefully not from the one person. 

This week I've had hardly anything except direct searches for my blog name, this is a small thing but it makes me very happy, even more so is the thought that people searching for me directly find exactly what they're looking for. Not like those other sick, sick puppies. 

2. Blingtastic!

Next up we have the outstanding thoughtfulness of a Twidder friend. The gorgeous Aoife, whom I know through was rocking these gorgeous nail stickers a few weeks ago. I happened to comment on their magnificence (aren't they magnificent?) and she only went and sent me some!

There's not much that warms the cockles like a random act of kindness. I know I like to do little things to make others' lives easier but it's a genuine treat when you meet someone as nice as Aoife who'll readily do the same. Opening these on a rainy Tuesday honestly made my day. Thanks, Lady. (Psst, head on over to mah Facebook page to win a set of these beauties!)

3. Gick, isseh?

Coming home in the car the other evening this gem came on the radio, to my exclamation of 'ohmygodwhatasonghaven'thearditinyears' and subsequent shoulder dips and head bops. Yes the lads happened to be in the car at the time looking at me like a loon. 'Turn off that gick will you?' says the youngest. (ignored)

About an hour later they were getting ready for bed when I was coming up the stairs with the  towels and both of them, BOTH OF THEM were singing 'One night in Bangkok and the world's your oystah'. Caught! Gick, isseh?! 

4. Don't Panic...


Moment four was born of one of the most 'that did not just happen' moments I've had in a while. Letting ourselves into the parental's on Friday evening I twisted the key and Snap - it broke in the door! With visions of lock smiths wearing balaclavas for their extortionate prices it took all the patience I had not to panic. 

I asked D'Mammy if she had a tweezers and she produced the nubbiest, saddest pair of metal prongs that were ever fused together. 'This is your tweezers?'. Then the memory struck me that I had put my own Tweezerman in the side of my bag. Call it kismet. But in one swift pincer movement the remnant of key was out. It didn't cost me a fortune for a new lock but it did cost me a kick ass tweezers when D'Mammy caught sight of what an actual tweezers should look like. Either way, it was a win. 

5. So Long, Farewell, Aufwiedersehn, Goodbye..

Last up we have a moment that's been several years making its way to me. As some of you may know, I work in the Public Service in Ireland. Those that know that will also know the huge changes and reform that are under way at present.

Normally reform means bad news for staff. Not this week. This week I got confirmation that I could hand over management of 150 staff and change my role so that my salary would remain the same. This might not seem like a big thing but Holy Moly it's huge to me. It means I need never flinch when my phone rings during the night or at the weekend, means I can be sick now & then, essentially means I may actually get some life back. Wouldn't that be grand? 

Yep, 5 moments that mean I could care less if it's Monday, I'm looking forward to a new week, a new month and little moments that will be awesome enough to make the list this time next week. 

What's been going on in your neck of the woods? Anything scandalous or downright excellent? 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cherry Pick of the Week - Fun - We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe

It's a little Blink 182. It's a little My Chemical Romance. It's a lot catchy fecker. 

Love it.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentines Nails - Paperclips Never Fail to Impress Me!

Here we have my first of 3 Valentines nail art tutorials on the run up to the big day. Knowing how many manicures with red, white, pink and combinations of all of three, I wanted to try something different. 

Tools for the job: 

  • Base colour: Nails Inc, Paddington
  • First accent: Nails Inc, OMP!
  • Second accent: Essence, Lime Up
  • Paperclip
  • Toothpick
  • Foil to work from (quickest & easiest clean up)

After your basecoat, apply two coats of your base colour and allow to dry. 

Place your accent colour(s) on the foil for use, if you are trying this for the first time, one colour at a time will be easier. This prevents the second colour from drying too fast as you work. 

Dip the end of the paperclip in your first colour...
& place it on the nail bed
A Second touch at the base of the first and angled away makes your heart!
Place three or four hearts, depending on your nail bed size (Different directions works best for a quirky effect)
Move onto your second accent colour and repeat!

Using either end of a toothpick (or small dotting tool) place tiny dots in alternating colours to fill the gaps and tie the design together. 

The hearts can be tidied using the toothpick too. If you have smudged or been a little over zealous with the paperclip a touch of your base colour on the toothpick should clean it up nicely. 

Finish with a swish of your favourite shiny top coat and that's them. Valentines nails in minutes!

What do we reckon? Will you give them a go?

Avon Smoke & Mirrors Collection

Feast your eyes on the new limited edition Smoke and Mirrors collection just in time for Spring from Avon. Gone are the days that I only wanted to see the Avon catalogue for the smelly pages, they have upped their game beyond all expectations, each new collection is contemporary and not only wearable but wantable! With that in mind I was fairly delirah when this arrived on my desk for a looksee, fancy a peek?

Golden Fawn & Blackberry €8 each

First up we have the Supershock Gel Eyeliner, this is Avon's best selling eyeliner and looking at these two new limited edition colours you can see why. They are highly pigmented and unbelievably soft because they went on so smoothly I didn't hold out much hope for the 'finish that lasts all day' claim but please see exhibit A below M'Lud. 

A lovely swatch to show you how beautiful the colours are....

This photo was taken Four Hours later! 
I had taken the swatch pictures in D'Mammy's, swatching these lovelies on my arm and promptly forgetting them. The above picture was taken four hours later! My arm had been, quite rightly, back up my sleeve and not one smudge or rub. These are crazy long lasting, yo. Blackberry is already my new favourite liner and Golden Fawn is an ideal highlighter to brighten your peepers

True Coloue Eyeshadow Quad in Mystery and Smoke & Mirrors €11 each. 
There are two eyeshadow quads in blendable and crease proof spring time hues. The quality of the packing here really is something. They're solid and sleek with a large mirror inside for touch ups or sudden bouts of narcissism. 

Mystery is bright and fresh

Smoke and Mirrors is more subtle, ideal for an understated look

While silky soft and beautiful these shadows would definitely benefit from the use of a primer to further bring out their pigmentation. Or if subtle and understated is your thing, just wear as is, the taupe above is definitely my favourite so far. 

Ultra Rich Lipstick in Apricot Mystery, Nude and Infused & Purple Hazed €9

Sheer delights
I'm not usually a big lipstick fan, I'm an avid lipglossaholic if truth be known but these offerings have almost swayed me. The subtle colours and give you the sheerest, most natural coloured lip that suits the Springtime perfectly. Containing jojoba and vitamin E they're extremely soft and moisturising. So much so that D'Mammy and I turned to each other several times during Corrie smacking our lips like demented goldfish 'Yeah, really soft'. 

Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Apricot Mystery €8
Last in the range we have Nail Wear Pro Enamel. We all know I'm a bit of a fiend for a good polish. This is a lovely peachy pink, because it's fortified with acrylic  for strength the consistency is a little more viscous than I would be used to but look at that colour! It's perfect for office wear or understated every day wear. Because of the thicker formulation this would be an ideal candidate for use in nail art and stamping too. Well played, Avon. 

The Smoke and Mirrors collection will hit catalogues in February, if you don't already have a dedicated 'Avon Lady' or Gent (Humblest apologies, Peter) you could always order a catalogue online. Believe me there's so much more than a whiff of sniffy pages to look forward to. 

My favourites of the collection have to be the Supershock Liners and the Lippies. What do you think? Anything tickling your fancy? 

**Update Have you seen the new NailWear Pro + range from Avon made with diamond dust?  I love 'em!**

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

As part of the Dermablend camouflage make up range, which is the number one camouflage cover on the US, this corrective foundation is the stuff of dreams for ladies (& gents) in need of cover up for imperfections and permanent or temporary skin flaws. 

This stunning behind the scenes footage of the now infamous Zombie Boy video shows the true extent of the power of Dermablend and it's ability to transform your skin.

Having been on the market for several years this foundation is a reformulated version, which now boasts SPF 35 and 16 Hour hold. Using soft focus powders it actually blurs imperfections and finishes matte on the skin.

At first the foundation seems heavy on the skin

But it blends out flawlessly to an even finish
I must admit when I saw this press sample for review on my desk I was wary. I remembered the Zombie Boy video and always thought that any foundation that could cover so much must be like wearing a mask (I actually though claustrophobic death mask) but I was more than pleasantly surprised.

The major new claim in this reformulation is the 16 hour wear and I can safely say, having been fully made up and on site from 7am one lashing, freezing cold morning last week to being genuinely shocked at my almost flawless reflection at around midnight that night, Dermablend delivers. And then some. 
My other big worry was breakouts as full coverage foundations normally play havoc with my visage, but nothing. I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed. 

My one pause for thought, however, would be slight transference, while it didn't transfer to my clothes I did notice it on my mobile following calls and on the receiver of my office phone. I've no doubt that this could be avoided with a sweep of setting powder but it might be not so good news for gals with already dry skin. Alternatively I could have followed the lovely Leonard Daly's foundation tutorial  over on and just not had foundation high on my cheeks. 

In all honesty, though I used it for a full face for the first week I've found the real power of Dermablend is as a concealer. Following Lisa Eldridge's amazing video tutorial  for concealing and Leonard's tips for placement Dermablend has instantly become a go to product in my every day make up and an essential for evening wear. 

It's available in 5 shades for a reasonable €21 and can be picked up from all good pharmacies come February. 

What do we think? Have you tried Vichy Dermablend products before? Are you tempted to give them a chance now?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Descendants - Movie Review

Who's in it? 

George Clooney, Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller

What's it About? 

The Descendants is the story of Matt King (Clooney) as a descendant of old Hawaiian royalty and the trustee of the estate on the island of Kauai, ‘25 acres of paradise’ that is set to make his family up to half a billion dollars. It's a touching tale of a man having to deal with his family for the first time in a long time and struggling with a life changing decision, once he has all the facts.

Any Good? 

Oscar winning movie maker Alexander Payne is back and 8 years after taking Hollywood by storm he couldn't have chosen a better film for his return.

The movie opens with Clooney’s narrative, shots of ‘the real’ Hawaii and the revelation that his wife is on life support following a speed boat accident.

I’m going to try not to hype this one but from the opening scenes I was hooked and reeled in. Clooney plays not only a husband and father suffering a potentially devastating loss and a shattered heart; he’s also a real person. A likeable, relatable, real person that you can’t help but care for.

Look at ALL that scenery...

Fans of Garden State will recognise the beautifully done, up close scrutiny of the family unit, its intricacies and the fact that reality is very rarely like the movies. Both Clooney and his on screen daughter (Woodley) play the relationship with ease. She’s definitely one to watch. There’s not one character I could fault or expect more from.

Payne has said that this movie is certainly no tourist postcard of Hawaii but I beg to differ. It’s a dark portrayal, certainly, but there’s also unmistakeable and breathtaking beauty. Even in the rain, Hawaii is somewhere I’d like to be. (I’m blaming 50 First Dates, the finale of Modern Family & IZ Kamakawiwo`ole for that too). You can almost feel the breeze in your hair and you can’t help but empathise with Clooney in his struggle over whether to sell out or not.

Daddy & Daughter. A director's dream, no doubt. 

With one of the most beautiful and fitting scores I’ve heard for quite a while and the ability to make you laugh and cry effortlessly I’m recommending you go see The Descendents. Having already won the Golden Globe for Best Drama and Best Actor, if Clooney doesn’t get his statuette for this I’m finished with the Oscars (and I mean it this time). Mahalo.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Sweet 16 Wish for Mah Boy

Today I've something a little bit different and it's only because it's hitting me in waves that I am sharing it. Today my baby (yes, he'll always be that) is 16! SIXTEEN years of age, people!

I've spoken to him about this at length, asked him to please do his sums again, as by my calculation he should be, at most, 7 but no joy. He's growing (hurtling) up & there's nowt I can do about it.

That's him there, all 16 years worth and isn't he a bag of gorgeousness? (Control yourself, Caroline Flack, this Mammy bites!). I'm not sure where the years have gone and yet I can account for every one. Mmhmm, I'm getting old.

Anyone that has read my post about becoming a Mam so young will know that it wasn't always rosey but, genuinely, I couldn't have asked for a more thoughtful or generous boy. He's made my life so much easier just by his very nature and for that I'm very grateful to him. (& his Bro, naturally). 

I've included a poem I wrote for him when he was only a couple of days old that was published that year. This book has always been knocking about but I hadn't actually reread it until the past few days. Perhaps it was a little naive at the time to feel this way but those feelings are what made me who I was, who I am now and who we are as a family. 

I'd never advocate anyone to start a family as early as I did, you know why? Because its nobody's business when you start your family or if you ever do for that matter. All you can ever do is your best given your circumstances. Looking back, I can safely say that we've never been in as good a place in life as we are right now and it's only getting better. I wouldn't change a day of it for the world. 

If/when you're reading this, Aar, I want you to know - I love you more than words could ever say. You make me proud every single day just by being you but more than anything else I'm thankful to have grown up with you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Egg x

Monday, January 23, 2012

**Dermalogica Giveaway!!**

Happy Chinese New Year, All or Xīn Nián Kuài Lè to those in the know. Today heralds the year of the dragon but that's no excuse for scaly skin, am I right?

Keeping this in mind and clinging tentatively to the association I have a nice little Dermalogica Giveaway for you lovely lot. As one of the best known brands worldwide for skincare, they have a lotion or potion that can work miracles on any and all skin types, if you haven't tried them before then you truly are missing out.

Sandy Beach (Hi, Sandy *waves*) mentioned in the comments of the Naked 2 Giveaway that she'd love to see a Giveaway for those of you that aren't following through the normal mediums (GFC etc) but still take the time to check in regularly and subscribe by email. You know what, Sandy? You're dead right, as a little token of my appreciation for ye and in the name of inclusion the entry for this is simple.

Just send Moi an email with your contact details to and you're in the draw!

Of course this is open to all followers, new and *ahem* auld. Just be sure that you're signed up to my newsletter so you can be included. (Pssst, If you're not already, it's over there on the right where it says 'Sing up to Mah Newsletter', funnily enough  ----->).

It's open internationally & the winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday the 6th of February. Good Luck, Everyone!

Monday's Moments - 23/01

Hey, Happy Monday, everyone!
How has your week been so far? Is it just me or are the weekend's getting faster? My top 5 moments this week? Funny you should ask...

1. And we Laughed!

First up is introducing my eldest to the joys of live comedy. What with Aaron being 16 this week (SIXTEEN!)(More on that tomorrow) I felt he was old enough to brave a live comedy gig. Scratch that, I felt I was brave enough to face a comedy gig with him, Swords native and unmitigated lunatic, Jason Byrne didn't disappoint. 

We laughed for a solid hour, he's one of those 'you had to be there' comics but when you are? Comedy genius. Asking Aaron what he thought afterward he said 'That show should be prescribed for people with depression'. That's what I ALWAYS say. He adored it! Success. 

2. Did You Not See Him? 

Diesel, waiting on the ice cream man. 

You're getting another confession here, folks. See that hog up there? That's Diesel, I've mentioned him once or twelve times. Anyway the beast that he is doesn't get looooong walks as often as he should. I've decided, since we could both use it, I'd rectify that in the past few weeks. 

Because it's dark by the time work & dinner are sorted I usually wait till about 8pm to head out. On Thursday we were 40 minutes into our walk, the iPod was on and I was in a world of my own when Diesel pulled sharply and jumped behind me. Turns out some hooded imbecile wanted to ask the time?! Ehm, big doggies don't like hoods or folks picking up pace behind them. He didn't jump but stood his ground, growling and frightened the bejaysus of the chap in question. Minding your Momma? You're doing it right. 

3. Lightbulb Moment!

Anyone with one of these bad boys in their home will know what a scourge they are to replace. Oh, not the physical replacement, that's simple. The cost though is astronomical! Well, it's €14.99, as lightbulbs go, to me, that's ridonkulous!

Imagine my joy so, on Wednesday to find a basket of them lying in a Gick Shop (Shop that sells random items, usually in baskets) on Henry St! How much? I hear you ask, €2.50!! Yes, I bought several, I'm almost willing them burn faster so I can enjoy this feeling all over again. 

4. Shoes, Glorious Shoes

This was one option. I hadn't enough silver paint though. Also, I like my neighbours.  Source
I did something this weekend that thrills me like nothing else. I cleared out my shoes! There were piles of the feckers. Big ones, small ones, on sale ones, ones that never fit but were just soooo pretty. I bagged up the lot and brought them to the charity shop. There's nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment. 

Well there's one thing. That's buying more shoes. Wah? I practically shoeless! * browses ASOS*. 

5. Nudey 2! 3 of 'em!

By rights this should have been included last week but here we have the arrival of Nudey 2! You're seeing three because I ordered one pour moi, one for the Sis for being the Hostess with the Mostess over Christmas and the final one for one of you lucky lot

I won't do a full review of this palette as, at this stage, it's been done to death. Temptalia has a fantastic review with swatches if you wanted to scooch over for a look. Suffice to say I've worn this every single day this week. I adore it. The mini lipgloss too is the only cooling gloss I've allowed near my kisser and I've already priced the full tube, it's that good. Gorgeous. 

So that's me for another week. What's the happy haps in your part of the world? Do be sure to let me know below, I love reading the positivity of the little moments (or big 'uns).