Thursday, 15 March 2012

New Avon Nailwear Pro+ - Reformulated and Fab

Behold, the newly formulated Nailwear Pro+ from Avon. Aren't they purrty?

I had the great pleasure to toddle along and meet Avon's celebrity Make-Up Artist, Jackie Tyson, yesterday evening to have the chats about what's new with this reformulation and the new Avon Super Extend Extreme mascara (more on that later). First up, the lady sure knows her beauty, secondly, she's probably the friendliest and most down to earth celebrity anything, I've ever had the good fortune to meet. 

Cookehs!! The cutest cookies IN the world were in attendance too. 

Back to the polish! Due to launch through Avon catalogues and online  in May for €8 each, these are the first twelve shades (& 1 clear) of the Nailwear Pro+ line. Containing real diamond dust (!), calcium and keratin, the improved formulation is said to increase nail strength by up to 80% and to seal and protect your nails for up to 12 days of gorgeousness. 

The delightful mani I received. Love! 
You'll remember in the Smoke and Mirrors post I was taken aback at the quality of the Apricot Mystery polish, well, I'm happy to report that this lovely little lot are, in fact, better again. Fancy a goo at the swatches? Yeah you do...

Expect to see a lot more of this collection popping up in my nail posts in future, there are some genuinely scrumptious shades and range enough to bring you right through the seasons.  If that wasn't enough, there'll be several new shades added to the range throughout 2012. 

So what say you? Loving the look of any of the colours? If you'd like a closer look at a particular polish just lemme know, ja?

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