Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday's Moments - 26/03

Hands up, who got a little sun over the weekend? Glorious wasn't it? Good news is we apparently have a week of sunshine to look forward to, music to my ears! As were these 5 moments of bliss, read on, lovelies...

1. Inbocks EMPTY!

Following 3 weeks out of the office I was dreading returning and the inevitable Everest that would be my desk. 2 days it took to wade through the emails. TWO DAYS. Yes, it meant entering and exiting the floors on my belleh like GI Jane so I wouldn't be spotted and could get some work done but it was worth it. 

There's not a lot of things as gratifying as seeing a big fat zero next to your Inbox after responding to, passing on and deleting the guts of 750 mails. Wonderful feeling. 

2. Warming Our Bones

As I mentioned above, Ireland was blessed with some elusive March sunshine this weekend. It's a rarity and the eleventy billion tweets and Facebook statuses prove just that. Feeling a little hermit like when the most I'd done was open the blinds, I decided to venture out into the garden to soak up some rays. 

Closing my eyes in the sunshine and Diesel flaking out on my feet (He's a horse, I may have permanent damage) we could have been anywhere in the world. It was one of the only moments that I spied a 747 flying to sunnier climes and didn't shake my fist with an obligatory curse word to see them on their way. Bliss.  

3. Masters of Dirt

Friday evening, following a wonderful Benefit event, the hounds and I ventured out for a family night. Masters of Dirt in CityWest was everything a teenage boy dreams about. Back flipping bikes, scramblers and snow feckin' mobiles (WHO discovered you could flip a snow mobile?!). 

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, each trick and stunt bigger and better than the last. My moment in all of this? Realising that both lads had eyes like saucers, one at the bike tricks and the other at the leather bikini and suspender clad, fire breathing 'Fuel Girls'. Boys, wha?!

4. Secret Smile

Random things make me happy and ridiculous things make me smile. Following on from moment number one up there, I was in a pretty great mood. Had settled back into work, was on top of one or two upcoming projects and was feeling pretty good about mahself. 

That's when I spotted Giuseppe here, a random ink splodge from handwriting a couple of compliment slips. Even he was happy. Very random, very ridiculous. Shizz like this makes me very happy.  

5. Fingal Film Festival

I had the huge pleasure last week to be invited along to the Fingal Film Festival as Press. Me. Press!! First off, the fact that they managed to pull off such a large scale event is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. 

I'm fond of a flick or two, we know this, but the calibre of Irish film making talent on show really was something to behold. My personal favourite of the three day event was a short called Two Hearts (which went on to win the award) truly mesmerising. My favourite moment, however, was the chat coming home from Situations Vacant (above) with my eldest and realising he loves analysing and enjoying movies just as much as his Maw. Mmpf. 

Sin é an scéal, Monday's Moments for another week. Got anything you'd like to share? Spend any time in the glorious (hopefully not fleeting) sunshine?

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