Thursday, 22 March 2012

Quick Dry Drops from Zoya and Essence

My grá for nail art runs deep - we know this . My grá for saving time and simplicity runs even deeper. That's why when Supernail Ireland sent me Hurry Up Drops with a recent Zoya package I was intrigued to try them out. 

Turns out they kick ass, one drop on each nail works in 60 seconds to dry them to a beautiful shine. Now, not Seche Vite high shine or Sally Hansen Insta Dry quickness but the dropper application means that you're guaranteed no drag on your nail art designs or decorations (crystals etc.)

For those of us that don't have the budget for Zoya (€17.20) just now though but want to try the concept, Essence have come to the rescue, yet again. Priced at €2.49 Nail Art Express Dry Drops do exactly what they say on the bottle and can be used for ordinary manis as well as nail art wonders. 

It has to be admitted that I do prefer the consistency of Zoya but both dry your nails in just over a minute and give exactly the same result shine wise. While I may never stop being a sucker for Seche Vite, these are a welcome addition to my nail stash and nail art arsenal. 

What think we? Have you tried these drops before?

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