Saturday, January 07, 2012

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Giveaway!

Did you happen to catch the hysteria tonight regarding the much anticipated Nudey 2 palette and the Debenham's link? Crazy, right?

Well feast your eyes on a no drama, no asthma attack inducing way to get your lovely mitts on one of these beautys. 

I managed to get my order in and happened to order an extra one for you lovely lot, what better way to shake the January blues, eh?

As always, I'm going to keep this simple, all existing followers as of 6th January will automatically get 2 entries as a little Thank ye for loyalty. Fancy an extra entry or two? (Course you do)

To Enter:   This one's closed, Lovelies. 

1. Firstly, you must be a follower of the blog (new followers very welcome) via Google Friend Connect. If you're not following yet (Where've you been?), get clicking on the GFC box on the right, with the quickness! (If it's missing, please hit refresh, it can be a temperamental swine) 

2. For a second entry, follow yours truly on Twitter @ItsCherrySue if you don't already. You should see my tweets! Which you will, if you follow. 

3. Third entry? You gotta give my Facebook page a big blue thumb up! You can find me here or by using the ickle FB box on the right. 

4. Lastly & again optionally, for all you Twidder lovers,  Tweet the following 'I just entered an exclusive Giveaway for Naked 2 with CherrySue! over on'

You must leave a comment on this post to tell me how many entries you are entitled to. (Remember existing followers can have up to 5!) Please include your email address/Twitter username/FB ID & GFC name. The giveaway will close on the 31st of January, this palette isn't even in shops until February 6th! Aaand it's open Internationally! 

Winner will be drawn by to keep things fair. If you are under 18, please get your parent or guardian's permission to enter. 

Good Luck! 


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Beyond Blush said...

Wow I would LOVE to win!!
GFC: OPI Addict

I follow you on twitter @opiaddict :)

Facebook: Laura Morrain

Tweeted here:!/opiaddict/status/155454660663197697

I was already following, so I get 5 entries! yay! Thank you so much :)

Unknown said...

Super duper excited about this giveaway couldnt believe it when I read your comment on facebook! I entered all five entries.

GFC: adoreabubbles youtube
Twitter: @adoreabubbles
Facebook: Sarah M.B.G

Claire Sarah Kane said...

Longtime reader and follower on both Facebook.and twitter (@claireskane) and subscribed to the blog

tazzy said...

i have three entries(facebook, blog and twitter follower) :)

girl_upnorth said...

sooo kind of you to buy one to giveaway!! I'd love to enter!

Following via gfc: jade hewitt
Following via Twitter: @toofat4fashion
Liked your FB page: Jade Hewitt
Tweeted aswell and linked you to it!



Katielou said...

Ooooohhhh, pretty!! 3 entries please :)
Facebook id Katie Mangan
Twitter name is ourkatielou

Sleepy Beauty said...

GFC Bebe
Email bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

Follow on Twitter Bebe @pllee88

Follow on Facebook Bebe Lee


I’m an follower before 6 Jan.

I did all entries

Sarah Bailey said...

Eeek what a fab giveaway.

Long term follower (Saz)

Just followed you in twitter I am ashamed I haven't before (Life_BreakDown)
Tweeted (!/Life_BreakDown/status/155458789921931266)

And long term liker on facebook (Sarah-Louise Bailey)

email: dragonfly1611 (@)

I think that's 5 entries for me!

Thank you again so much xx

Colette said...

I don't know how many comments or likes I have left for you, Sue, but hope it's enough to be counted in :)

ktatie said...

Can't wait to see your review of this, would love one of my very own :)

I'm an existing follower on gfc: ktatie,

follow on facebook- katie mac

Follow on twitter and tweeted (fatherspodo)

So that's 5 in total

Josephine M Battye said...

A lovely win for the New Year

Twitter Fluky1

3 entries

A Rose from Heaven ♥ said...

thanks for the generous giveaway!

GFC: arosefromheaven

I follow you on twitter @cyho88

Facebook: Candy Ho


caroline s said...

Hiya hun, I already follow you on GFC - name Caroline Scott

caroline s said...

I'm an existing fan on Facebook - FB name Caroline Scott

caroline s said...

Longterm Twitter follower as @plumblossom23

caroline s said...

I've tweeted the competition here!/plumblossom23/status/155481114713137152

caroline s said...

I've "liked" the competition link on Facebook as Caroline scott

sami_b said...

I have four blog follower, following on twitter, liked on Facebook and tweeted about the giveaway.

Facebook: Samantha Beaton
GFC & Twitter: sami_b

Eleanor Brigitte said...

- I am a blog follower (using Twitter on Friend Connect; @ellebrigitte)
- Following on Twitter (@ellebrigitte)
- Liked on Facebook (Eleanor Byrne)
- Tweeted about the giveaway (@ellebrigitte)

My e-mail is

Great competition and best of luck to everyone entering! :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey! Fantastic giveaway please enter me :)
I follow your blog - gfc Ruthy / beautboutique
Following you on twitter under @beautboutique
Tweeted about your giveaway under @beautboutique
Also liked your fb page , my fb name is Ruthy Sinclair

I also have 20 % percent off everything in my jewellery shop just now using the code 20PERCENTOFF at checkout @ ! Thought you might like to have a look & all your readers too!

Good luck to everyone :) xx

Unknown said...

forgot to include my email xx

Anonymous said...

FB: Christine Loeffler-Torkos

Existing follower 5 entries

Fingers crossed!!!

pinkshoes76 said...

emily o'regan gfc
am a blog follower, a facebook follower as emily o'regan and a twitter follower as pinkshoes076!/pinkshoes076/status/155570402721136640 tweet link
am an exisiting follower yay 5

Unknown said...

Right I am due a million entries (well just in case I dont get one on Monday - if I do I wouldn't be greedy you can re do it ;)

RedEyeDream said...

5 entries

GFC - RedEyeDream
twitter - @xxxtamzinxxx
Facebook - Eimear Doran


remeneerb said...

Hiya, I already follow you and i'd really love to be in with a chance to win please! or
Thanks xxx

- fran said...

What a fab giveaway!
Follow on GFC
twitter - xfranks
Facebook - Francesca Nelson
thanks xx

FitznBitz said...

Ah HELLO! So nice of you to order a 2nd one! I have asthma..... I would appreciate this opportunity for a chance to win!! :p
1. GFC: FitznBitz
2. Following on Twitter: @FitznBitz
3. I like you!:
4. Linkage:!/FitznBitz/status/155606644758298624

Thank you!

deldel56 said...

Have join all, Great prize would really love this! Great Blog too!!!:)

clare davies said...

i have just joined ur fab blog with my twitter info x_x_clare_x_x

have been a follower on facebook for a while already (clare Davies)

following on twitter too now (x_x_clare_x_x)

retwetted about the giveaway also!/x_x_clare_x_x/status/155623725490909185

Unknown said...

1: new follower meganrosemua
2: twitter @meganrosemua
3: fb Megan- Rose Core

Ria said...

Do count me in! I'm already following you via GFC as Ria, on fb as Ria Kod, on twitter as @themissdudette and my email is freeeedz at yahoo dot com.
Thanks for the opportunity and have a fab day!xx

tishka said...

This is so exciting!
GFC name: tishka
twitter: @tijanatesija
facebook: Tijana Tiki Tešijs


Unknown said...

Great giveaway! I'm a new follower :) I'd love to get my hands on this palette!

Fb: Niamh O' Connor
Twitter/GFC: squigglezB

I liked on fb and tweeted on twitter :)

Thanks!! :)

susie said...

Two entries only for me as i dont have facebook or twitter. Thanks, susie

sarah said...

GFC: sarah

email: vite-fait@livecom

twiiter: @faitsarah

tweeted here:!/FaitSarah/status/155630278516285440

FB fan : madie tumblr

bernien said...

Fab, there has been so much hype over this
GFC bernadette Nolan
Twitter @bernolan1
Facebook bernadette Nolan
Already an existing follower so 5 entries for me please.

Marian McCarthy said...

Wowsa, what a fantastic giveaway!! Thanks :D

GFC: MsDarkfairy88
Twitter: @MarianMcCarthy
Facebook: Marian McCarthy

and I was already following so that makes 5 entries please :D


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

wow what an amazing giveaway hun :) thanks so much
I have entered all 5 entries
GFC: nina

Thanks again girl

Clare Daly said...

All done :)
clareabo on twitter
Following blog and fb

KateHolderness said...

Following via Google Connect

Following on twitter (@For_Kate)

Already like the Facebook page (Katie Holderness)

Have tweeted the tweet!

BOOM! ;)

peniam said...

Wooow... This palette is my dream, serously! I know, not only mine ;)
GFC: peniam
FB: Monika Peniam Pl
Twitter: @Peniamm
It takes 4 entries for me :)
Thank you so much for this giveaway and Happy New Year!!

peniam said...

ohhh. and with all that excitement I forgot to give my email..
Sorry for that :(

InspirationBeauty said...

Wow Sue how kind of you!

I have five entries :)
GFC: Holly
Twitter: InspirationSays

Thank you!

stacey stewart said...

such a great giveaway :D :D
would LOVVVVVVE to win :)

twitter: stacey stewart
gfc: stacey stewart

Kris Beauty said...

Thank you for this giveaway!
I am a follower of your blog on GFC as Kris Beauty
I also follow you on Twitter @Kris_Beauty
I like you on Facebook with the name Kris BeautyTag
I tweeted about your giveaway:!/Kris_Beauty/status/155657738872029184
I was a follower before the giveaway, so I have 5 entries :)
Email :

cornflakegirl said...

You're the best Sue, what a fabulous prize.

GFC-cornflakegirl (+1)
Twitter-@cornflakegirl26 (+1)
Facebook-Paula D (+1)
Tweeted-!/cornflakegirl26/status/155662050448781313 (+1)

That's 4 entries in total plus the extra one for being an existing follower (that's a nice touch btw).

linda said...

GFC- linda callaghan
email- callaghanlinda2@gmail[dot]com
Twitter- @callaghanlinda
FB- Linda Callaghan

Great giveaway!

Lu Gaspar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


Great giveaway!! Thank you.

3 Entries

1: Follow your blog Lee_H
2: Follow you on twitter @msjustlee
3: Tweeted the giveaway aswell.

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

Full house for me please (5 entries)

Been following on Blogger for EVER
Facebook: Cindz1222
Twitter: Skew-earring
And I tweeted :!/skew_earring/status/155682566127624192

Anonymous said...

Claire Carr... Also think I set up google connect correctly....

Commented on Facebook about twitter, I'm set to private and you have to request to follow to see my posts!
:) x

Danienta Aqmarrazza said...

I'd love to win this giveaway!!
Gfc: Danienta aqmarrazza
Facebook: danienta aqmarrazza
Twitter: danientaa

serena said...

omg would LOVE to win this!!

gfc = serena
facebook - serena elliott
twitter @serenaelliott
tweet -!/serenaelliott/status/155707288840187904

my email is

I've done all 5 entries :) thanks for an amazing giveaway!

Fiona Darcy said...

Brill prize! Long time follower so think I get 5 entries! Following on GFC and Facebook as Fiona Darcy, on twitter as fi_darcy, have tweeted about giveaway. Email is
Fingers crossed!

Unknown said...

Great giveaway!
4 entries

GFC Name: Smurfette

Follwing on Twitter: @LuLu_Brown24

Tweeted giveaway:!/LuLu_Brown24/status/155710662717353984

"Liked" on Facebook, shared and posted giveaway on my page.

Facebook Name: Lisa Brown

jslbrown_03 (at) yahoo (dot) com

galupyhorsey said...

awesome comp :) would be delerious if i managed to get this bad boy. Think i qualify for all 5 entries hurray

gfc: galupyhorsey
twitter: galupyhorsey


Shelleyti said...

Oh wow, you're too good to us! I've been following you everywhere for a good while ;)
GFC and Facebook Michelle Timon
Twidder @shelleyti
And I've tweeted (from the rooftops!)
Thank you so much for the fantastic giveaway!

MiMi said...

Twitter Groangal
Facebook Annie!/Groangal/status/155719710279864320

BeautyBeat said...

Great Competition :)

My GFC is eimearrr

My twitter is Aftine and i tweeted you

SO thats 3 entries :)

Ams kinsella said...

GFC ams kinsella

Twitter @amskinsella and i tweeted too


Facebook Ams Kinsella

Think thats 5 entries good luck everyone

Jacinta Geraghty said...

Wow!! great competition, would love to win this!!!
am due 5 entries I think:
'like' on fb: jacinta geraghty
follow on twitter: @jacintageraghty
tweeted link:!/JacintaGeraghty/status/155775035687178240
GFC: Jacinta Geraghty

Think thats it!

Louise said...

5 entries please :)

GFC: Louise Nolan
FB: (Louise Nolan)

Holly said...

Omg sooo preetttty...
Holly Keating (FB) (email)
GFC: Holly
Twitter: ontheflooragain

4 entries because i can't figure out how to tweet! lol

Daisy said...

I think I have 2(3?) entries!

GFC: Daisy
Liked on FB but would rather not say my last name!

I have been reading for ages just never got around to following, who knows why?!

Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and good luck to everyone!


Daisy said...

Sorry - mixed up there ^^

GFC - UKnowULoveMeXD (I think? One of the two! A bit clueless about this stuff I'm afraid!)

Eva said...

Such a pretty palette!
GFC follower: evil_eva12
Twitter follower: evajiang

total of 2 entries! Whooo ! :)

email: evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

Gaby Fauchon said...


Twitter: @GabyFauchon

Facebook: Gaby's Beauty Blog


Total of 5 entries (:

Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!

Sandra said...

Love this prize =)

Following you with GFC, samccormack2(at)

MissTwist said...

GFC - MissTwist
Twitter - @NativeHunny
Facebook - Shawna Capot
Tweet -!/NativeHunny/status/155904792722554880

Nina C said...

Wow, great competition.

GFC: Nina Crozier
Twitter: @nc099
Facebook: Nina CrozIer

Existing GFC follower - so 5 entries

Olga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scarie said...

I've all 5 entries but confused as to how!:
GFC: Karie murray/Scarie
Twitter: Scarie
Facebook: Karie Murray

Rachelle said...


Following as @roxyobrien on de twitter machine
and here as robrien
and on facebook as Rachelle O'Brien

Niamh Nutty said...

Just followed there! I have four entries, the ones above. :) all my details are;

Twitter - @niamhnutty
Facebook - Niamh Nutty
Google - Niamh Nutty

And I tweeted about the giveaway! :)

Katarzyna said...

Lovely giveaway!

GFC follower - Katarzyna
Twitter follower - @Kaziutka

email: gogunia3(at)wp(dot)pl

Anonymous said...

Absolutely AMAZING giveaway!!!

Had been a follower anyway: via GFC as The Agoraphobic Fashionista

Have already been following on Twitter as @sera_mcdaid

Liked your FB page using mine The Agoraphobic Fashionista

And Tweeted about the giveaway

Covering ALL bases! And everything crossed!


Makeup Over Mind said...

5 entries!
1. email address:
2. Twitter username: Orla_MakeupOverMind
3. Tweeted about the giveaway!
4. FB ID: Orla Richardson
5. GFC name: Orla_MakeupOverMind

Amazing giveaway!

Christina Dragan said...

Am in love with this giveaway! Here are my 4 entries:

GTC: christina(+1)
Facebook: Christina Dragan (+1)
Twitter: christinadragan (+1)



Chantelle Thomas said...

Wow. what an amazing giveaway! I prefer the look of the naked 2 palette. My gfc is chantellemthomas. My twitter is @chanmthomas (i tweeted too) and facebook is chantelle thomas. X

Melanie Lyttle said...

twitter @melanielyttle
Tweeted, followed everything so I get 5 entries :)

PrncessSarah02 said...

GFC prncesssarah02
twitter prncesssarah02

4 entries thanks so much these colors are so pretty

Unknown said...

Ooh ooh pick me! lol!

GFC: Chantelle Wallace
Facebook: Chantelle Wallace
Twitter: @chanywallace
Tweet :!/chanywallace/status/156058061717512193


Mihaela said...

GFC : FashionFreak/Mihaela
Twitter : mfashionfreak
FB : Mihaela Rotim
Twitter link :!/mfashionfreak/status/156059051757801473

eavan said...

I would absolutely LOVE to win, what a brilliant prize!

Facebook- Eavan Noonan

Stephanie Ann said...

GFC - Stefanie Gladden

email -

twitter - steffers516

tweeted -!/steffers516/status/156081650365767680

liked fb page - Stefanie Gladden

thanks so much for the chance!

Breige said...

Oh wow, what a fab prize! I think I qualify for all 5 entries, this is my GFC and I've been following you in Facebook and Twitter for ages! And I just tweeted as well! Yay!

Kiran said...

omg, this prize is amazing!! I soo hope I win! Thank you so much for the generous prize! :-)

GFC: Cherry Lane
Facebook: CherryLane
Twitter: myCherryLane

HinaLokwani said...

Wow you're a sweetheart! I've been loving reading your blog..

Following you since quite a while now.

GFC: HinaLokwani
Twitter: HinaLokwani


Roseanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roseanne said...

Lovely giveaway (:
GFC : Roseanne Bonar
Twitter : Roseanne13 (I follow you)


saranne_wrap said...

Dying to get my hands on this :) Fingers crossed!!

Twitter: Sarannewrap following and tweeted about the give away!

Facebook: Saranne Murray

Blogger: Saranne_wrap

csharkey said...

I believe that I have 2 entries,
New to this blog :)
Can't wait to try out the palette, gonna have to get one some how

Anonymous said...

WOWZA Great giveaway :)

GFC: Serenity of Beauty (+1)

Twitter: @SerenityofBeaut (+1), and I have tweeted the following message as requested which you can view here:!/SerenityofBeaut/status/156225988949327874(+1)

Facebook: I have 'liked' your facebook group - I wish not to give out my proper name, so I will give out my initials 'C L' (+1)


arra said...

OMG what a fantastic giveaway!! Thanks :D

GFC: arra
Twitter: @NakedArra
Facebook: Arra Morta

thank you!

Laura McCarthy said...

This is beyond generous, fingers crossed I win, my little sister's birthday's coming up and she's been dying for this!
GFC: yeahhhd
Facebook: LauraMcCarthy94
Twitter: emocupcake2k7

Follow you on everything! x

suzytron said...

I have 4 entries!
Following via gfc: suelilly0
Following via Twitter: @suelilly0
Liked your FB page: Suzanne Sheehan
And tweeted the comp <3

Emz said...

Four entries for me please:
GFC: Emz
Twitter: @Emz_here
I already like your FB page & I tweeted the link :)

dawn said...

fab prize, as usual!

four entries for me please:
FB page dawn obrien, castlegregory
liked already
google blog

Kitchen Glutton said...

Hi CherrySue, love the blog, delighted I found you. 3 entries for me on the blog, @taraangela on twitter and on facebook its looking forward to keeping in touch!

Anonymous said...

Awesome prize :)
I have 4 entries.
1) GFC: sataa
2) Follow you on twitter as @sataazaidi
3) Like your FB page as Sataa Zaidi
4) I tweeted here:!/sataazaidi/status/156364053256744960
My Email:
Thanks for giving a chance to win this fabulous palette I hope I win because I want it but it's not available in my country :(

Unknown said...

GFC - Allie Graham
Twitter - @Allie_G
Facebook - Allie Graham

3 entries :)

Great giveaway!

- Allie x

Allie UK Blog

blathin said...

would LOVE this !!
GFC: via twitter @BlathinDePaor

I follow you on twitter @BlathinDePaor :)

Facebook: Blathin de Paor

Tweeted here:!/BlathinDePaor/status/156369510998360064

I was already following, so I get 5 entries! yay! Thank you so much :)

Chuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elsie Dollheart said...

I get FIVE entries!
Twitter: ElsieDollheart
FB ID: Maria Beirne
GFC: Elsie Dollheart

xxx1235gg said...

Would love to win!AMAZING giveaway! I did everything for extra entries :) My GF name is Lucy Abigail, My twitter username is @lucy894 and my facebook name is Lucy Helps, my email is

Chuck said...

Just two entries for me as don't like twitter.

great prize :)
FB ID: Ciara O'Mahony

Kat said...

This is awesome! Thanks for the chance!

I follow via GFC as Kat
katch05 at gmail dot com

ciaramoran said...

Twitter: Ciara10Moran
GFC: ciaramoran
Facebook : Ciara Moran

4 entries :)

Nailish Ramblings said...

GFC Follower Nailish Ramblings

Twitter - @nailishrambling

and tweeted here!/NailishRambling/status/156474197160374273

I think that makes 4

ani_mal said...

HI :) nice set..
I have only 3 chances, but better than nothing :)
- FB is Anita Copperthwaite
- google email
- GFC: tygrynio71

good luck everyone.

Confessions Of A Makeupaholic said...

I follow via GFC Confessions Of A Makeupaholic

I follow you on twitter @Dee90x

I have liked you on fb 'Dee Coamu'

& I tweeted :)

lightup said...

GFC: lightup
Facebook: Lyn Smyth

I think that means I get 2 entries, so fingers crossed!

Jtac said...

Following all 3 and tweeted too,so that gives me 4 entries :-)


Asta Alminaite said...

GFC :satys0106

Lucia O'Grady said...

So Excited!

Twitter: @__Luciaaa
Facebook: Lucia O'Grady
GFC: Lucia O'Grady

Sinead OHara said...

I have joined your blog via my twitter account sineadohara
Fan on facebook Sinead O'Hara
Tweeted on twitter
Even follow you on!

4 entries for me. Cannot wait to get my hands on one of these, yes asthma inducing and all!

blondie said...

Ooh love this. Ok just followed on GFC, username blondie. Already follow u on twitter& just tweeted the link. I'm @blondiedublin. Also already follow on FB, Jane Taylor. Email address is
So I think that's 4 entries yeah?
Thanks, fab comp, good luck all :-) x

jenn erin said...

Wow, thank you so much for the giveaway!

Facebook liked: Jenn Erin Erin
twitter name: @jennnerin

thank you so much!
fifty.threee at

Ciara said...

GFC: Ciara M
Twitter: ciaralmurphy

Which is 2 entries? (:
Thank you for the chance!

nica said...


Tamara S said...

GFC: Tamara S
Twitter: tamara_savic
fb: Tamara Savic

Sandy Beach said...

Sue, any chance of a competition for a non-facebooker, non follower (digital wise) of anyone?

Other than that love, love the blog. Mondays are so much better.

Kim D. said...

4 entries for me and thank you for the giveaway!
GFC: Kim
Email: mom22girlz at ymail dot com
Twitter: @mom22girlz
FB: Kim D.

NiamhC said...

Hey Cherry Sue, entitled to 1 entry FB Niamh Carroll

Unknown said...

Hi - loving this competition! Entitled to 2 entries - I've followed you via GFC and on twitter (@HEmbleton)

Anonymous said...

susie connolly
facebook liked and shared ......

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Faaaaabulous prize darling so might as well plonk my name into the ring!
You know I follow you evvvverywhere and am about to toddle off and tweet yer message :)

Fanks for finkin of us and being so generous with this mad giveaway :)

HelenJNT said...

How exciting!! I follow you here & on Twitter and will tweet it for you now. Four entries, I believe :)
*crosses fingers*

sskelly16 said...

Following via:
GFC; sskelly16
Twitter: @Sskellyy
Facebook: Kelly Toland

Claire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chloe said...

Wow, seriously generous give-away! I was an existing follower, my GFC is Chloe. I follow you on Twitter & tweeted about this giveaway @ _ChloePower_, & like your FB (Chloe Power). Email is
Good luck to everyone! :)

tishka said...


gfc name: tishka
fb name: Tijana Tiki Tešija
twitter name: @tijanatesija

Sinead said...

I'm a new follower of this blog. My GFC is ciroseo. I follow you on twitter at the same name and my email is! Hope I'm lucky - totally love the original Naked palate!

Jenny said...

GFC: Jenny Quigley
Twitter: jennyquigley
Facebook: jenny.quigley

I've just done 1, 2, 3 & 4 above :)

Stevista said...

What a generous giveaway, wow!!

GFC : Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover
E-mail :
Twitter: @DrugstoreBLover
Facebook : Stavroula Plag

4 entries for me, I've been an existing follower before this giveaway :)

By the way I have made my profile public, but during the last 2 months blogger has been giving me problems and tells me that I don't follow any blogs, so please do not disqualify me. I DO follow your blog! I can send you a screenshot or something :) x

Raquel said...

Thx for the giveaway!! It's amazing :D
GFC: Raquel
twitter: @BeingRaquel
Twitter RT:!/BeingRaquel/status/158504220104986625
Facebook: Raquel Mesquita

4 entried for ME :D yay!!!!
xx Raquel

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower with 3 entries thank you!!

Twitter @georgiegeenie
facebook georgina campbell

Jessica Rabitto / chaya bunny said...

GFC: chaya bunny
Email: vivienne.emmerich AT gmail DOT com
Twitter: @chayabunny
Facebook: Bunny Jones

Four entries. <3

Stef | we heart this said...

woo hoo - 4 entries!
email: stef @we heart this DOT com

GFC: Stef
twitter: @weheartthis
Facebook: Stephanie Andrews

Lovely Blog you got here, Cherry Sue!

Sue Jordan said...

Hey, Stef, Thanks a mill. That means a lot :D

SnapDragonZ said...

4 entries please!
Email address:
Twitter username: @snapdragonz08
FB ID: Erin Martinez (aka Stella Raven Cosmo)
GFC name: Erin Martinez

So glad Stef shared, so now I can follow u too!

NatashaKing said...

4 please :)
followed blog, twitter, facebook and tweeted!

The Painted Jezebel said...

Wow, I'm really happy to have found this cool blog! 4 entries please!
GFC: Elizabeth Hirata
FB: Elizabeth Hirata
Twitter: elyra_chan

Unknown said...

gfc follower
rjs682 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

following on twitter @rjs682
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liked you on Fb- Rondah S
rjs682 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...!/rjs682/status/159530097894895616
rjs682 at yahoo dot com

Sherry86 said...

Hi Enter me please.
Thanks so Much for this! The blog is very very nice!!
Following via GFC Sherry86
Following on twitter: Fairywitch86
Following on fb via Lucia Izzo
Tweeted Here:!/FairyWitch86/status/159618839217324032
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Bhushavali said...

Wow.. That's a fab giveaway!!!
Thanks for it dear!!! :)
GFC: Mitr Friend - Bhushavali
Twitter: @Bhushavali
FB: Bhushavali Natarajan

tmc480 said...

GFC: tmc480
Email: tmc480 at yahoo dot com
Twitter: @tmc480
FB: Tanya C
4 entries

Jtac said...

Was already a blog,facebook and twitter follower.Have tweeted the competiton too.
Jeno gfc
Jenfus Facebook
@Cailin_Dana twitter email

ryanac32 said...

GFC: ryanac32
twitter: ryanac32
fb: ryana c
EMAIL: ryanac32 at yahoo dot com
Tweet link:!/ryanac32/status/160202978521915394

Sidrah!!!! said...

GFC: Beauteous Blog
Email: BeauteousBlog {at} gmail [dot] com
Facebook: Sidrah Beauteous
Twitter: BeauteousBlog

Trish @ Between My Lines said...

Thanks for competition :-)
I've become a follower of the blog, liked you on fb and added you on twitter and retweeted about the competion. So that 4 entries I think :-)

Joka said...

gfc joka :)
great present
follow on fb as joka 88

Caitriona O'Flynn said...

I am a follower of the blog,I like you on face book and I added you on twitter. Oh and I tweeted about the contest
My email address is:
Thankyou xx

Anja said...

FB :Anja Statebrigakako


peniam said...
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spaz0id said...

4 entries!
GFC: Tsubahime
Facebook: Ana Salha Maytah
Twitter: @Tsubahime (and I tweeted about your giveaway)

Unknown said...

I already posted but can't see it anywhere so here i am again.

gfc: deefu
twitter: deelightfull77
Facebook: Dee Furlong
And I tweeeted about comp too
loves ya

Selma said...

GFC: Selmica Kiki
twitter: @Selmica Kiki
FB name: Selmica Kiki
I tweeted:!/SelmicaKiki/status/161389345037758464
E-mail: selmicak3(at)hotmail(dot)com

Kitty Catastrophe said...

Meant to enter this AGES ago! The palette looks only gorgeous. I think I've 4 entries, following ya all over the shop (in a friendly way, of course!) and tweeted. x

GFC: Kitty Catastrophe
Twitter: @redlemonader
Facebook: Red Lemonade
Email: redlemonaders[at]gmail[dot]com

Unknown said...

Your giveaway today reminded me i don't remember entering this one :)
GFC: louweevil
Twitter: Randomweevil
Facebook: Louisa Elizabeth Llewellyn

Robyn Morton said...

GFC Robyn Morton
Twitter @robyntmorton
Facebook Robyn Morton
email robyn.t.morton @

4 entries thank you very much.

Alta Infante said...

Done all the steps! :) Im a new follower..^^

GFC name: Alta Infante
email: alta.infante(at)yahoo(dot)com

Twitter name: altainfante
RT link:!/altainfante/status/161728752013950976

Fb name: Aletha Jane Infante

bambakibeauty said...


GFC name: bambaki83
Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

I follow u on twitter as @bambaki83 and I tweeted about your giveaway here:!/bambaki83/status/161867761277079553

I liked your facebook page as Miriam Rivas (Mirikitty)

I have the public profile. but these days blogger is giving me problems and change it to private, please do not disqualify me, I can send a screenshot or something.


Not here anymore said...

Following you here on your blog.
Liked your page as Aisling Ni Lochlainn on facebook.
And am following you on twitter as: o_ashling

great give away!

Leanne said...

Following you with Leanners_ via GFC or twitter.
Liked your page on facebook and followed you on twitter, and tweeted your tweet lol.
Twitter: Leanners_
GFC Name: Leanners_

thanks x

Maria Kenny said...

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Nikki Elkins said...

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*Mima* said...

GFC name: *Mima*
follow on twitter @MilicaB1
tweeted at!/MilicaB1/status/162575844961820672

Anonymous said...

email :
my fb : xsineadxx

i am enititled to 1 and 3 so thats 2 entries.


Unknown said...

Loooove this palette! I hope I'll be very, very lucky.. ;)

following via gfc and fb, my name is Melita Jagodic

Dora said...

This is a great giveaway! :D, my name is Dora Curkovic, on twitter i'm dora_curkovic, and on facebook also Dora Curkovic. :) i entered 4 times (gfs, twitter, "'I just entered an exclusive Giveaway for Naked 2 with CherrySue! over on" on twitter, and facebook).

Natalia said...

Following via gfc: natalia mccarthy
Following via Twitter: @nataliamcc

Fab giveaway!:)

Sadi said...

wow what an amazing giveaway :)

thanks so much

I have entered all 5 entries

I follow via GFC: Sadi

already Follow u on twitter @Sad20ful

Tweeted here :!/Sad20ful/status/163311765369782273

I have already liked ur facebook page as Sadia Latif

Thanks again girl

Leptirich said...

email: info (at) leptirich (dot) com
Twitter username: @LeptirichBlog
FB: Valentina Gyerek
GFC name: Leptirich

:) :)

Unknown said...

GFC Name - Sudhaa
Twitter Id - Sudhaag17
FB Follower - Sudhaa Gopinath
Tweeted give away -!/Sudhaag17/status/163710357104361473

wonder Woman said...

2 entries here!
New GFC follower: Alexandra Andrei

alex_sup3rgirl at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have 4 entries!

e mail - princezasofija at yahoo dot com
Twitter username - @princezasofija
FB ID - Little Hiawatha
GFC name - Katarina_03

Rhico said...

Following on GFC & twitter & RTweeted!

Cupcakegloss said...

Hi I have entered all 4 entries :
Gfc: cupcakegloss
Twitter: @cupcakegloss
Facebook; Karen maher

This is a great giveaway! Looking forward to future posts

Karen xxx

Lynn said...
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Lynn said...
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Charina said...

Hi! I have 3 entries.

GFC name: Charina
email address:
twitter username: ringchart!/ringchart/status/164130347594952704

Maricon said...

I have 3 entries dear :)

GFC: Maricon
Twitter: ConConifer

NiamhO said...

:) 5 thank you:P
GFC: NiamhO
Twitter: @nog_
FB: Niamh O'Gara
And existing follower! :)

xx Niamh, thannkks.

Unyx said...

I believe that I have 2 entries, i'm new to this blog :)

GFC: Unyx
Twitter ID: LovelynBrilloCa
Here's my tweet link:!/LovelynBrilloCa/status/164133354621513729

Mich DC said...

GFC: Mich DC

Total of 3 entries :)

Creminal said...

Twitter: @Creminal1

Love this palette, sis has the origanal Naked palette, Naked2 looks fab - I want!!!

Jenny said...

GFC: Jenny
Twitter: @stilljennyme

Shamille said...

GFC: Shamille
Twitter: @Shamchamt!/Shamchamt/status/164137518160297984

4 entries :)

Diana said...

GFC: Diana
Twitter: @Shamchamt

3 entries :)

Angelica said...


3 entries :)

Gellie said...

GFC: Gellie
Twitter: @GellieAces

3 entries :)

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