Tuesday, January 03, 2012

HG Polish Basecoat - Mavala Super Base

I have to admit I've been seeing these little bottles in chemists and shops probably forever. Turns out there's a reason for that, they've been on sale here since 1959! (I haven't been looking that long). Not sure why but I've never picked one up. For someone with a polish collection like mine that's an accomplishment, believe me.

While in McCabes Chemists though I picked this up on a whim, I'd run out of Seche Base Coat and I'm not a big fan of polish without a base. My nail beds are sponges. Fact. 

Super Base goes on like a dream and dries, pretty much instantly and slightly shiny (You wouldn't wear this on it's own). The magic happens when you apply your colour though, the polish practically sticks to the base. You may need one or two strokes more to cover your nail but, once its on, that polish isn't going anywhere.

Exhibit A M'Lud: I applied OPI's Tickle my Francey and a topcoat of Hairspray Holo glitter on Christmas Eve. The following picture was taken yesterday: NINE DAYS LATER!

Not one chip, crack or peel!

That's pretty unbelievable, right? Not just that I managed to keep my nails the one colour for 9 days (lazy ho ho ho) but that it lasted so well. 

This is genuinely my new HG basecoat. I loves it. Lots. I picked it up for €5.79 but there's a special on Debenham's at the moment that might tickle your fancy should you wish to give it a shot. 

Have you tried Mavala polishes before? I'll deffny be picking up a few more so would love a recommendation... or two.


Dawniepants said...

I had to laugh at your slappah the base, images of Paul Rudd lol!

Sue Jordan said...

Yay, Dawnie! Delighted someone got it :D

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love those - I got a three pack in Cardiff when I was visiting, then found out that they're available in some shops here too.

I've got a nude colour, a really good mauve/nudey/pink, a slightly duller than hot pink fuchsia colour and a very chic mid-grey.

I love that they come in tiny bottles 'cos I never ever use up a whole big bottle. And they dry quickly and wear well.


Živa said...

NINE DAYS?! That is amazing, my nail polish usually chips the first or second day! I really must try this, and the price tag is great too. Thanks so much for posting. <3 :)

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks ElenorJane, hope you'd a wonderful Christmas break :)

I'm amazed myself, Summer, really loving it. Checked out your blog too btw, looks great. Have just signed up ;)

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I see these weeny bottles every time I'm in a pharmacy and walk on by, will most deffny check'em out now flossy, nice find :)

Chantelle Thomas said...

I'd love to try this. I only have a barry m base and topcoat in one. Sometimes I'm too lazy but its so worth it when you have a base coat. I saw the Mavala polish in Elle a while ago. Never tried them though x