Monday, 2 January 2012

Monday's Moments - 02/01

Can you believe it's the New Year already? Nope, me either. I've pulled together 5 of the best moments from the festive holiday, though they were in abundance.

1. Never Gets Old

Probably my favourite moment of any break from work, ever is removing the alarm from my phone. I feel safe putting this up today as I've booked another four days leave and don't go back till next Monday. Bliss. 

Don't hate the player, hate the game. 

2. U - GG - L - Y - You ain't got no alibi..

I had promised that I'd never let these monstrosities near my feet. They're the marmite of the shoe world and, to me, reside somewhere near the Croc on a scale of ugliness. 

That was until I was in the Sis' over the Christmas break and saw a cheap as chips pair in the sale. Not actual Uggs but Penney's Uggs - Puggs, if you will. 

                 They may look like this.. 
But they feel like this..
I'm converted. 

3. That IS Crazy!
You may have heard me talking about my crazy nieces before. They're five now and go to an Irish school in Athy. Because they live a bit away I don't get to see them as often as I'd like but they never fail to amaze & entertain me when I do. 

Spending a couple of days with them over Christmas was great and the random stuff they said, even better. An example? Aoife pulled herself up onto a stool beside me while I was chatting to her Mam and interrupted 'Aunty Sue, do you know what they call a banana in Irish?', 'Nope', 'It's a BANANA!!, isn't that crazy?'. Yep, that's crazy, as are you my dear. 

4. Run for your Liiiiives...

Sssh, tell no one but for New Years we stocked up on Fireworks from North of the border. If I wasn't getting to go on the razz then the least I could do was satisfy my inner pyromaniac. That was until we decided to join Nan & Grandad for the big countdown bringing our illegal rockets with us. 

I've probably never laughed as much as when we watched my Dad with his serious face on lighting the fuses and running like a loon in slippers back toward the door screaming obscenities over his shoulder. Every single time he'd try to close the door in case the rocket went astray - 'Eh, Dad, we can't see through the frosted door!' Defeating the purpose? You're doing it right!

5. Let's Hug it out, Bro. 

Moment 5 is probably one of my favourites from the year (last year, not this one). I told ye I'd made a killing on the gorgebags' Christmas pressies but didn't tell you what they were, right? They were Samsung Galaxy Tabs and because they were so expensive they only got a stocking of goodies and one or two little pressies to go with. Because they hadn't asked for anything (they're awesome like that) I began to panic on Christmas Eve in case they didn't like them. 

I needn't have worried. Their eyes were like saucers as they opened them but being teenagers and not of many words I knew I'd chosen well when not one but both of them hugged me randomly as I was passing in the hall on Christmas Day. Hounds. 

I'd love to hear your favourite moment(s) from the Crimbo break too!

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