Friday, January 27, 2012

Avon Smoke & Mirrors Collection

Feast your eyes on the new limited edition Smoke and Mirrors collection just in time for Spring from Avon. Gone are the days that I only wanted to see the Avon catalogue for the smelly pages, they have upped their game beyond all expectations, each new collection is contemporary and not only wearable but wantable! With that in mind I was fairly delirah when this arrived on my desk for a looksee, fancy a peek?

Golden Fawn & Blackberry €8 each

First up we have the Supershock Gel Eyeliner, this is Avon's best selling eyeliner and looking at these two new limited edition colours you can see why. They are highly pigmented and unbelievably soft because they went on so smoothly I didn't hold out much hope for the 'finish that lasts all day' claim but please see exhibit A below M'Lud. 

A lovely swatch to show you how beautiful the colours are....

This photo was taken Four Hours later! 
I had taken the swatch pictures in D'Mammy's, swatching these lovelies on my arm and promptly forgetting them. The above picture was taken four hours later! My arm had been, quite rightly, back up my sleeve and not one smudge or rub. These are crazy long lasting, yo. Blackberry is already my new favourite liner and Golden Fawn is an ideal highlighter to brighten your peepers

True Coloue Eyeshadow Quad in Mystery and Smoke & Mirrors €11 each. 
There are two eyeshadow quads in blendable and crease proof spring time hues. The quality of the packing here really is something. They're solid and sleek with a large mirror inside for touch ups or sudden bouts of narcissism. 

Mystery is bright and fresh

Smoke and Mirrors is more subtle, ideal for an understated look

While silky soft and beautiful these shadows would definitely benefit from the use of a primer to further bring out their pigmentation. Or if subtle and understated is your thing, just wear as is, the taupe above is definitely my favourite so far. 

Ultra Rich Lipstick in Apricot Mystery, Nude and Infused & Purple Hazed €9

Sheer delights
I'm not usually a big lipstick fan, I'm an avid lipglossaholic if truth be known but these offerings have almost swayed me. The subtle colours and give you the sheerest, most natural coloured lip that suits the Springtime perfectly. Containing jojoba and vitamin E they're extremely soft and moisturising. So much so that D'Mammy and I turned to each other several times during Corrie smacking our lips like demented goldfish 'Yeah, really soft'. 

Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Apricot Mystery €8
Last in the range we have Nail Wear Pro Enamel. We all know I'm a bit of a fiend for a good polish. This is a lovely peachy pink, because it's fortified with acrylic  for strength the consistency is a little more viscous than I would be used to but look at that colour! It's perfect for office wear or understated every day wear. Because of the thicker formulation this would be an ideal candidate for use in nail art and stamping too. Well played, Avon. 

The Smoke and Mirrors collection will hit catalogues in February, if you don't already have a dedicated 'Avon Lady' or Gent (Humblest apologies, Peter) you could always order a catalogue online. Believe me there's so much more than a whiff of sniffy pages to look forward to. 

My favourites of the collection have to be the Supershock Liners and the Lippies. What do you think? Anything tickling your fancy? 

**Update Have you seen the new NailWear Pro + range from Avon made with diamond dust?  I love 'em!**


Anonymous said...

Ooo the glitter one is FABULOUS!!!

Peter - The Avon Man said...

Don't forget the dedicated 'Avon Men' too!! ;)

Sue Jordan said...

Hahaha, have amended the post Peter ;)

Peter - The Avon Man said...

Aawwww I was just being cheeky! Now I feel bad! Appreciate that though :)

Sue Jordan said...

Nope, fair's fair AND it's Friday, feeling bad is not allowed on a Friday! Mmkay? :)

Peter - The Avon Man said...

Agreed. Happy Friday!!

Strawberry Blonde Beauty said...

Those liners are berluddy lush - def gonna order them. The blackberry one doesn't look too red toned on the skin does it?

Nic x

Sue Jordan said...

Not at all, Nic, it's a deep brown/plum colour. I have fallen head over heels with it. Uber soft and wearable x

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if apricot mistery has any glitter in it?

Sue Jordan said...

Hi Réka, the Apricot Mystery lipstick has a micro glitter through it that comes off a a subtle sheen on the lips. The Apricot Mystery nail polish though is a pastel creme on the nail with no glitter at all. HTH