Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday's Moments - 09/01

Howdy, All. If you're a new follower, Hai *waves* you won't have seen Monday's Moments before. Every week I share 5 moments that make the Monday blues suck it!

It honestly works and I'd love to hear yours in the comments if you'd care to share. 

1. Timber...

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I can’t quite believe Christmas is over, although we had two weeks off they seem to have flown by. The worst part for me is undecorating the house and taking down the tree.

Luckily the lads are a bit older now & can help out. Because we spent the majority of the holidays in our PJs I made a deal with them. ‘Lads', says I, 'I’ll go ON MY OWN and do the weekly shop if ye take down the decorations and tree’, ‘DEAL!’ says them, little realising that I always go shopping on my own. I came home to a bare sitting room & the floors hovered and they still thought they got the better end of the deal. This is one I must remember for the future!


My elder Broseph bought me the Sons of Anarchy box set for Christmas. It’s a show I’d always wanted to get into but never did. We watched 3 series in one week. Apart from the leather clad Darby O Gills and the IRA packing their gun shipments in Lucky Chaaaarms its one of the best series I’ve seen for a while. My moment this week has to be catching the finale of season 4 online. Great show. 

Trivia fans will know that Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is actually Nathan from the original Queer as Folk, he’s a Geordie (which could explain him wearing trainers instead of biker boots) but they won’t know, no more than anyone else will, where the eff he got his accent from? 

3. Lights...Camera...

It’s been a little while since I started this here blog and up to this point I’ve been using my trusty phone camera for pictures. Arguing that a 6mega pixel camera is more than adequate, right? Wrong.

Thursday saw me invest in the most lovely camera, oooh, aaahhh. I had been tooing and froeing on during the sale but happened to be in Dundrum on Thursday so I could have a play with each of them in real life. It was love at first sight when I saw this one. The €110 cheaper price tag for the package didn't hurt either. I'm in love. 

4. Oh, Hell Yeah! 

With my body clock is all over the place it was weighing on my mind that today would be the first day that I’d need to be up before 12pm. Teenagers rock!

With that in mind, I didn’t sleep too well and woke suddenly this morning. Turns out when I looked at the clock it was only 5am. The following two hours was spent in probably the smuggest and most contented sleep I’ve had for quite a while. Set me right up for the day. 

5. The Very Definition of a Monday Moment!

As I've said, today is my first day back to work after a fortnight. That’s not easy. My day was perked right up though with the discovery of a package on my keyboard from one of the funniest ladies I've had the pleasure to meet/tweet. 

Lorraine sent me this parcel of loveliness in a swap and a note that made me guffaw so loudly & unattractively that 2 Engineers had to stand up to be sure I wasn't being attacked. I couldn't possibly show you what she's getting in return. She has no idea. Lorraine, I Thank you, profusely. 

And with that we're back in the world of the living, do please share your moments in the comments, I love to hear 'em. 

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