Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday's Moments - 23/01

Hey, Happy Monday, everyone!
How has your week been so far? Is it just me or are the weekend's getting faster? My top 5 moments this week? Funny you should ask...

1. And we Laughed!

First up is introducing my eldest to the joys of live comedy. What with Aaron being 16 this week (SIXTEEN!)(More on that tomorrow) I felt he was old enough to brave a live comedy gig. Scratch that, I felt I was brave enough to face a comedy gig with him, Swords native and unmitigated lunatic, Jason Byrne didn't disappoint. 

We laughed for a solid hour, he's one of those 'you had to be there' comics but when you are? Comedy genius. Asking Aaron what he thought afterward he said 'That show should be prescribed for people with depression'. That's what I ALWAYS say. He adored it! Success. 

2. Did You Not See Him? 

Diesel, waiting on the ice cream man. 

You're getting another confession here, folks. See that hog up there? That's Diesel, I've mentioned him once or twelve times. Anyway the beast that he is doesn't get looooong walks as often as he should. I've decided, since we could both use it, I'd rectify that in the past few weeks. 

Because it's dark by the time work & dinner are sorted I usually wait till about 8pm to head out. On Thursday we were 40 minutes into our walk, the iPod was on and I was in a world of my own when Diesel pulled sharply and jumped behind me. Turns out some hooded imbecile wanted to ask the time?! Ehm, big doggies don't like hoods or folks picking up pace behind them. He didn't jump but stood his ground, growling and frightened the bejaysus of the chap in question. Minding your Momma? You're doing it right. 

3. Lightbulb Moment!

Anyone with one of these bad boys in their home will know what a scourge they are to replace. Oh, not the physical replacement, that's simple. The cost though is astronomical! Well, it's €14.99, as lightbulbs go, to me, that's ridonkulous!

Imagine my joy so, on Wednesday to find a basket of them lying in a Gick Shop (Shop that sells random items, usually in baskets) on Henry St! How much? I hear you ask, €2.50!! Yes, I bought several, I'm almost willing them burn faster so I can enjoy this feeling all over again. 

4. Shoes, Glorious Shoes

This was one option. I hadn't enough silver paint though. Also, I like my neighbours.  Source
I did something this weekend that thrills me like nothing else. I cleared out my shoes! There were piles of the feckers. Big ones, small ones, on sale ones, ones that never fit but were just soooo pretty. I bagged up the lot and brought them to the charity shop. There's nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment. 

Well there's one thing. That's buying more shoes. Wah? I practically shoeless! * browses ASOS*. 

5. Nudey 2! 3 of 'em!

By rights this should have been included last week but here we have the arrival of Nudey 2! You're seeing three because I ordered one pour moi, one for the Sis for being the Hostess with the Mostess over Christmas and the final one for one of you lucky lot

I won't do a full review of this palette as, at this stage, it's been done to death. Temptalia has a fantastic review with swatches if you wanted to scooch over for a look. Suffice to say I've worn this every single day this week. I adore it. The mini lipgloss too is the only cooling gloss I've allowed near my kisser and I've already priced the full tube, it's that good. Gorgeous. 

So that's me for another week. What's the happy haps in your part of the world? Do be sure to let me know below, I love reading the positivity of the little moments (or big 'uns). 


Catherine Jordan said...

Ha ha. Tia is the same with hoodies and she's also not so
keen on old people.

Kitty Catastrophe said...

Oh mo DHIA, Diesel is only GORGEOUS! I'm such a sucker for big dogs, I absolutely love them. They're the best.

Sue Jordan said...

Yep, they're clever doggies, Sis ;)

Kitty, he's a beast, an encourageable beast but he gives the best hugs :D

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I was just about to log off the Tinterweb and thought, hold on, I'm missing somefing, ah yes, it's Sue's Monday Moments wot is sung to the feem toon of Quality Street's Magic Moments.

Glad to hear Diesel is mindin his mammy, as well he should :) I also need to clear out my shoes, so annoying, I love them but have no storage for them and they're in a cardboard box just sitting there, ah well, I feel comforted knowing they're there :)