Thursday, 26 January 2012

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

As part of the Dermablend camouflage make up range, which is the number one camouflage cover on the US, this corrective foundation is the stuff of dreams for ladies (& gents) in need of cover up for imperfections and permanent or temporary skin flaws. 

This stunning behind the scenes footage of the now infamous Zombie Boy video shows the true extent of the power of Dermablend and it's ability to transform your skin.

Having been on the market for several years this foundation is a reformulated version, which now boasts SPF 35 and 16 Hour hold. Using soft focus powders it actually blurs imperfections and finishes matte on the skin.

At first the foundation seems heavy on the skin

But it blends out flawlessly to an even finish
I must admit when I saw this press sample for review on my desk I was wary. I remembered the Zombie Boy video and always thought that any foundation that could cover so much must be like wearing a mask (I actually though claustrophobic death mask) but I was more than pleasantly surprised.

The major new claim in this reformulation is the 16 hour wear and I can safely say, having been fully made up and on site from 7am one lashing, freezing cold morning last week to being genuinely shocked at my almost flawless reflection at around midnight that night, Dermablend delivers. And then some. 
My other big worry was breakouts as full coverage foundations normally play havoc with my visage, but nothing. I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed. 

My one pause for thought, however, would be slight transference, while it didn't transfer to my clothes I did notice it on my mobile following calls and on the receiver of my office phone. I've no doubt that this could be avoided with a sweep of setting powder but it might be not so good news for gals with already dry skin. Alternatively I could have followed the lovely Leonard Daly's foundation tutorial  over on and just not had foundation high on my cheeks. 

In all honesty, though I used it for a full face for the first week I've found the real power of Dermablend is as a concealer. Following Lisa Eldridge's amazing video tutorial  for concealing and Leonard's tips for placement Dermablend has instantly become a go to product in my every day make up and an essential for evening wear. 

It's available in 5 shades for a reasonable €21 and can be picked up from all good pharmacies come February. 

What do we think? Have you tried Vichy Dermablend products before? Are you tempted to give them a chance now?

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