Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Limited Edition Kiehl's Creme de Corps Launch

I was delighted to be invited along to the launch of this limited edition Creme de Corps in one of my beauty meccas, Kiehl's, in Dublin City last night. There was wall to wall beauty, in every sense of the word to spread the good word about this collaboration.

This isn't the first time that the cult favourite, Creme de Corps, have released limited edition labels in association with celebrities or charities to fund raise and knowing the ethos behind Kiehl's it certainly won't be the last. (I have an almost loved to death bottle from the Florence Welsh LE version that raised funds for Teenage Cancer Trust).

Some snaps from the night

This time round it's Pearl & Daisy Lowe that have designed the label and lent their names in aid of Temple Street Children's Hospital and there couldn't be a worthier cause. You only need to search 'Kiehl's' on this little old blog to see the depth of my grá for them and Creme de Corps, my HG body cream. It's the only spendy (€53) product that I would and do gladly repurchase time after time.

Every bottle sold will donate €2.50 + VAT to Temple Street, which is fantastic, but if I'm completely honest? I would have liked to see a 100% donation as was the case with The Jeff Koons Family Institute LE offering or likewise with the Florence & the Machine version. 

Either way, this is a fabulous cause and one that's close to my heart (My very own 14 year old Evil Kenevil has spent more time than I care to remember being looked after by the trojan workers in Temple St). 

If you're looking for a body cream with a bit of oomph that could literally change a life, yours included, then get your good self into Kiehl's to pick one of these lovelies up (Psst, they ROCK at samples too) 


Unknown said...

Whenever I see kiehls I think of you ;) great cause and even better that it's local

Unknown said...

It's great when big brands or companies do things to help out charities and causes :) xoxo