Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Kiehl's - Loving Their Work!

The washbag of loveliness featured above was a gift from Dan (obviously) as an apology for shoddy service form UPS (yup, obvious too).

Can I just start by saying that I love Kiehl's? I love their ethos, their products (mostly), their samples and now, more than ever, their Customer Service. 
My last order with Kiehls.co.uk was taking a little longer than expected when I got a strange text. From a 'neighbour'. That lives 10 minutes away. Turns out UPS delivered my package to him days before, believing him to live close to me. Why the delivery dude couldn't use my mobile number on the shipping label as this good Samaritan had, I'll never know. Anyway, an inquisitive email to Kiehl's Customer Service to highlight the issue resulted in this little gift. So I thought I'd let you have a looksie at what was included: - 

These 3 creams are scent free and fairly gawjus. I found the Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate to be too sticky though, put me in a mind of when it was the fashion to wear vaseline instead of shadow and everyone went round with their eyelids gummed open. Not for me. The Ultra Facial cream though, I will be buying post haste. It has a light hydrating texture and my face drank it up. 

Fuzzy Pics - everyone's favourite 
The Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion is meant to visibly reduce excess oil on the skins surface. Meant for normal to oily types. This smelled a little too astringent for my liking, the label full of '-oxyls' and '-anthyns' explained why. To be honest I've been testing this on the eldest teen's fizzog and it's really working. He had oily prone skin (Hullo he's a teen), but I have a feeling this would be too harsh on normal faces. He shall enjoy this sample and no more! It's far from Kiehl's The Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion we were raised! Seriously though, I think you can get just as good a product for a lot cheaper. 

Citrus Delicious
This Liquid Body Cleanser is exactly that, a body cleanser. Not thick enough to be a gel or foamy enough to be a wash but it does smell delicious. I'm a big fan of the Body Shop's grapefruit offerings so this was a treat. I do prefer my body washes a bit more luxurious (read sudsy) so this has been left in the bathroom for general  washage. My current fave being Kiehl's Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish. There are no words for how lush that body polish is, not even Lush!

Hallelujah, Hallelujah... repeat to fade

At this stage I am considering writing to Mr Kiehl to request commission, the amount of recommendations I give for this product is ridiculous albeit well founded. I have been using this product for about 2 years now and never, ever found a body cream to do what this does. Having suffered from the dread chuck feed arms most of my adult life I have spent a fortune on potions & lotions that this baby eliminated in 10 days. My skin is lighter, brighter and almost completely even toned. With little or no bumps. This is without doubt my HG product to end all HG products & this sample has already been re gifted. 

I think of all of the samples this is the one I'll be repurchasing on my next order. This Ultra Facial Cleanser, smells slightly medicinal but is formulated with a sugar derived glycoside, dont'cha know. It's thick, viscous and leaves your mush squeaky, squeaky clean without stripping any natural oils. I used this before reapplying my gradual facial tanner (Xen Tan) and the difference it made for the following 2 days was fantastic. Get into my number one slot for cleansers immediately!

So there we have it, some good, some meh and one or two 'Oh Yeshs'. The very fact I had the opportunity, Thanks to Dan, to do this post shows why I reckon Kiehl's Customer Service Team are second to none.

I pay €52 for the 500ml pump of Creme de Corps, its certainly not cheap but considering the money I’ve shelled out over the years I’d pay this every time, gladly & do. I believe when it comes to skincare you get what you pay for.

Kiehl’s.co.uk no longer ship to Ireland (I hope not because of UPS effing up) but have a Wicklow St Store in Dublin that's lovely for a wander round or you can order over the phone. They're hugely generous with samples if you let them know what you're interested in before shelling out. Always a bonus.

Anything here tempt you lovelies? 


M x said...

I have been lusting after the Creme de Corps for aaagggeeesss now and I think I am just gonna have to invest next time I'm around Wicklow Street!!!

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I've never tried any Kiehls products and now I cant wait to! I've only heard good things about the Creme de Corps, need to get my behind in to the shop and investigate, great post mrs!

cornflakegirl said...

Nice of Kiehl's to send you this little bag of goodies by way of apologising for UPS's cock up.

I want to try it all, I love a bit of Kiehl's so I do.

Unknown said...

I have great memories of looking for kiehls in new York getting lost and them giving me samples for my aching feet. I got a lovely gift set in the shop in town for my bestow and she put in tons of samples and even gave some to me ....love it

Unknown said...

Hello there! I love Kiehl's and love them even more now they've demonstrated such great customer service! Using the Acai serum and cleaner at the moment and it's fab.

Sue Jordan said...

F&F that Acai serum is absolutely gorgeous! Have switched to EL Illuminator now as I said in another post but Acai is a very close second!

Thanks for commenting girlies x

nicolacc2008 said...

I like the sound of the body polish, I love a good scrub. Plus you really can't beat good customer service, and you got lots of goodies too

Sue Jordan said...

Nicola honestly do yourself a fave & try that scrub, it's more of a polish as they're bits of Loofah fruit so not rough at all but the smell is divine.
Leaves a beautiful smooth sheen too, I've bought it as pressies several times now :) (self gifts included =])