Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Comic Con for Dublin? Attention Must be Paid!

I'm a nerd, there I said it. Anything to do with comics, books, movies in any genre I'm all over it. So imagine my nerdy delight and that of my nerdy teens when I learned of this! (NEVER tell them I called 'em nerds)

MOVIE FEST is a new Irish cinema event that will follow in the footsteps of the Empire Fest in London and the world famous Comic Con in San Diego that has just wrapped for the year. 

This eagerly anticipated (by me especially) event will showcase exclusive previews and never before seen footage from some of the hottest upcoming Hollywood movies plus audience members will get to see full screenings of highly anticipated movies not due for release until late 2011. have fast become the go to gurus when it comes to breakthrough events like this, not to mention previews, premieres, sneak peeks and interviews. No, they're not paying me but I recognise any resource that makes cinema and awesome movies available to the masses. For too long these screenings were the perks for critics, journos and an odd celeb or two (I mean odd numerically, or do I?). Not that I've anything against these folks but cinema should be accessible to all and is making that happen. 
Ooh Coddle Fardell being scaredy

Makers of Zombieland? Nuff said!
I've taken the following info directly from the circular to let you good folks know what's happening over the weekend. 

FRIGHT NIGHT - The new movie starring Colin Farrell & David Tennant.
THE CHANGE-UP - The latest film from the writers of The Hangover, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.

COWBOYS & ALIENS - starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig,
30 MINUTES OR LESS - The latest film from the director of Zombieland, starring Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network.

Both days will feature presentations with exclusive footage and trailers on view, including 3D footage from the highly anticipated 'The Amazing Spider-Man', and a five minute clip from the new 'Total Recall'. With lots more to be announced. 

Plus there's a surprise or two in store including specially recorded greetings from some A-list filmmakers and actors.

Movie Fest takes place at Cineworld Cinemas, Parnell Centre, Dublin on August 13th and 14th, the full schedule can be seen on or for updates check out

Tickets for both days are on sale from (under advance booking) or from Cineworld's box office.

Other announcements for Movie Fest include full screenings of big blockbusters, not out yet in cinemas, including Cowboys & Aliens, The Change-UP, 30 Minutes or Less and Colin Farrell's Fright Night. 
****Cult producer Guillermo Del Toro has recorded an exclusive greeting for Irish fans, which will be played before footage from his new movie 'Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark'. ****
Other preview footage showing over the weekend includes new clips from Aardman Studios, The Amazing Spider-Man, Total Recall, Anonymous, Moneyball and LOTS more to be announced. 

*** Eh hold the phone!! Guillermo del Toro with an address for the Irish lads & lassies. Now this is not a star panel of True Blood or Game of Thrones like the lucky buggers in San Diego got but to me this is exciting (told you, nerd). 

del Toro & Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth *shudder*

For those of you that don't spook easily a look at the interactive site is a must and only highlights the genius of the man. Enter your name when prompted and don't blame me. K?


nicolacc2008 said...

I love going to the movies. Limited now though with a two year old....I do love me a bit a Coddle Fardell... (hahahahah)

Sue Jordan said...

Ha Nic, do you go to the Mammy & Babys Club in UCI? Really good.

Should also mention the direct link to trailers et al

Unknown said...

I love this post, going to see the guard tonight and then going to see super 8 tomorrow night! cinema junkie I am!

cornflakegirl said...

Great post.

I love going to the cinema, though I don't go nearly often enough.