Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Beauty Essential - Bargain Alert - Brighter Peepers!

Back in October Kirstie over on informed us all of the awakening effects of peach eyeliner. A shade that's a lot more natural and a lot less harsh than white (white should only ever be used for photos, Kat Slater!) I have to admit I've been a fan ever since and have definitely noticed the difference.

My choice until now for peachy nudiness? The Skin Glow Pencil from Une in its lightest shade G01.

€9.79 from Boots, Liffey Valley

I've been pretty gick at sleeping lately, so much so that during a nightmare lastnight about being held captive I actually remember thinking 'Well, at least I won't have to get up for work' (See? Silver linings all the way with me).

I digress, looking more haggard than usual today and picking up another Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil, what did I spot?

New (to me) and for the ridiculous price of €1.99, Wun Niney Nine, People! A supersoft and precise pinky/peach liner in my favourite format. Score.

The colour is ever so slightly shimmering so ideal for the waterline but also any other areas that need highlighting. Cupids Bow etc.

I love it as I've loved these pencils for yonks, they're long lasting, simple to use, smudgeable and with the twistable tips require no faffing about with pairing.

Hoooge range of colours. (Hoooger than this)

Buildable lines, peach is gorgeous. 

Just one word of warning though, eh? Use it sparingly....

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