Monday, 1 August 2011

Beauty Essential - Bargain Alert!

Haircare Genius
Those in the know have been using Tangle Teezer to reduce breakage, pulling and tugging when de tangling or brushing. That includes wet hair and combing conditioners or hair dyes through.Those not in the know? You're in now.  I picked one of these beauties up last year upon recommendation from a friend and my hair is stronger, shinier and so much easier to manage because of it. Available for €10 from your local Peter Marks Salon or in most Boots stores. 

Any of us with little ladies or long haired laddies will LOVE this product too. I bought one for my Sis, who is the proud Mammy to 4 year old twin girls. Before they got this, Mammy or Daddy doing hairs in the morning was always an event, involving tears, tantrums and hair pulling - the twins didn't like it either. Now its just a formality, the girls actually ask to have their hair done but only if they can use 'Aunty Sue's good brush'.

My only bug with this product has to be the lack of grip when brushing, yes it goes through your hair like a hot knife through butter but the amount of times I've inadvertently flung it across the bathroom floor, followed by shouts of 'I'm OK, I'm alright, don't panic!'.  

While I wouldn't be without mine now I spotted this little beauty in Penney's the other day: 
Available in a choice of pink or red
For a ridonkulous low price
This 'Take Out Those Tangles' however has one brilliant design point: 

Hairbrush hurtling issues begone!
This is small enough to throw in your bag & cheap enough to make the awesomeness of this kind of brush accessible to all. While it won't replace my Tangle Teezer it will certainly join it in my high esteem. 

Love it. 

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