Friday, 19 August 2011

NOTD - Cherry Blossoms

Have been meaning to do these babies ever since our trip to Farnham Estate a couple of weeks ago. They have a cherry blossom plate on display on one of their landings with exactly these colours. No, I wasn't a good enough blogger to take an inspiration photo - truth be told I was in my robe and spaward bound every time I saw it. Trust me, it's there.

Not a whole lot needed for this mani, we know I like things simple. I've included the Seche Vite Porcelain above because I used my, now hoogely, famous Pastel Nail Trick for the basecoat.

Yay for blurry pics!

Once your base colour is dry you can move onto the branches, I've used the black Kiss Nail Art Pen (again). Draw several branches with smaller branches off. You don't need much polish on the brush for this as you're looking for a wispy effect.

Trusty hair pins, ideal for nail art dots (polka or otherwise)

I've used the Seche Vite Porcelain and Sally Hansen's Back to the Fuchsia for my blossoms. Any white and pink will give you the same result. You could also choose just one blossom colour, depending on taste.

A quick swish of top coat for longevity and shine and there we have it. Cherry Blossoms of simplicity. Choice of colours can always be mixed up to your preference.

Are we loving it?

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