Friday, 5 August 2011

When Texts go AWOL - A Cautionary Tale

I had intended on a lovely post today about a lovely new product. Instead you get to laugh. At my expense.

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? Or received a text that you really shouldn't have?

While watching a rather strange show I snapped a screen shot. Me being me, couldn't keep it to myself. I sent it straight to my Sis, (Séamus is her 3 year old son, who is way too big for his age, in a good way.) This is the picture sent with the tagline 'Ah did Séamus get a new babygro?'

Cue the little flashy envelope winging its way 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' to Séamus, my OLD BOSS!!

There's not many feelings as gut wrenching as realising there's no takesy backies on texts. Waves of realisation and dread engulfed me as I pictured poor Séamus opening a text thinking I wanted to catch up then assaulting his eyes with this? Without context? The shame. The awful shame. I texted an apology and an explanation immediately but got no response. Have watched the phone all day but nada.

Oh that's right, laugh it up! One day this will be funny to me too. Today is not that day.

Trying to make myself feel better about it I googled the subject, no, I'm not alone. Thousands of us do this, every day.

Two of the funniest related sites I could find being Damn You Auto Correct and Wrong Number Texts. You will lose hours on these sites. Feeling better about myself and my cack hands I broached the subject with the gorgeous girls on

One of the sympathetic lovelies regaled me with a story of the time she had her son's friend's number stored but was dating a guy of the same name. She only went and sent the 14 yr old a saucy text intended for her paramour!! That made me feel better. Slightly.

G'wan admit it (Please?) have you ever been the sender or receiver of a text gone AWOL?

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