Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday's Moments 22/8

With Monday being the most depressing day of the week, closely followed by the day before payday (any week), I thought I'd share a few moments of bliss. A bit o' gratitude, if you will, PMA and all that shizz. 

My five top moments for the week, thus far, have been: 

1. You Old Charmer!

Receiving a genuine, heartfelt compliment from someone you look up to definitely gives me a case of the warm & fuzzies. On the flipside I've found that giving genuine & heartfelt compliments to those you appreciate can produce the exact same fuzzies! Win/Win.

2. Wha? I'm Not Destitute? 

This *may* not be me counting my money

Waking up on a Monday and realising, despite your worst fears and best efforts, you haven't obliterated your bank account entirely. This doesn't make me Rockefeller, by any stretch, but it does mean I don't have to think twice before ordering a Frappachino. Bliss.

3. Final Scenes, I Waited & Waited for You! (Rendered by smiling eldest Gorgebag)

Watching the final scenes of a game that's been haunting you and giving you the arthritic digits of a person approximately 6 times your age. Aar would like me to point out that he played on 'Insane Difficulty Level' (So now you know). Though I can relate, seeing LeChuck get his in the final scenes of Monkey Island still gives me a smug sense of satisfaction.

4. False Alarm!!

Proabably one of my all time favourite, unexpected moments of bliss, the alarm going off at 7.30 on a Saturday, Panic! Followed by the most comfortable spot you've ever found in your bed. In yo' face alarm! Please note this feeling cannot be orchestrated, I tried once but knew the alarm was set to go off so I just interrupted my sleep & got up at stoopid o' clock. Fail.

5. I Got This!

Being a single Mam, I'm sometimes (not often) struck by the paralysing thought that I'm doing it wrong. Part guilt, part insania but then you have a conversation like this: 
Me: What's his Mam like?
Ad: I dunno, like you. 
Me: What does that mean?!
Ad: Well, she's cool. 
Cue yours truly welling up and youngest gorgebag storming off 'You are SOOOOO embarrasing!' 

Yup, sure feels good to think about the good stuff, what moments of bliss have you had this week?


Unknown said...

High five to your kid for having a deadly mam

nicolacc2008 said...

getting home from a sh!!ty day in work to a smiling little face... and then shifting them off to bed to read some great blogs! :)

Anonymous said...

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