Wednesday, 28 March 2012

NOTD: HB Delights!

There was a picture floating around Facebook yesterday of ice pops of yesteryear and it got me to thinking (it doesn't take much) Look at all those pretty colours...

That led on to me thinking 'wouldn't they make a lovely mani?!' And yep, in my humble opinion they do.

Now I'm not advocating you wear all of 'em together but the bigwigs in Morkeshing at HB didn't put these lovely Summer colours on our favourite pops for nowt.

Any one of these on your accent nail with one colour on the rest would make a lovely Summer, sunshine nail job, sez me.

I did start with all Twisters, seen as they're the ULTIMATE hangover cure and my fave - this is what that looks like:

Not bad, right?

If you are going to attempt 'em, the colours I used are as follows:

Wibbly Wobbly Wonder: Barry M Lemon and Strawberry with Bourjois #23 (Choggeleh Brown)

Twister: Seche Porcelain, Essence Lime Up! and Chanel Rouge Carat

Brunch: Seche Porcelain base, Barry M Lemon and Sally Hansen Back to the Fuschia

Loop the Loop: Barry M Lemon, Bourjois #23 and an Essence mix (Lime Up & Trust in Fashion)

So tell me, which is your all time ultimate ice pop?! Are you getting the chance to hog one in this glorious sunshine?

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