Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday's Moments - 05/03

It's Monday, it's March (!), let's do this!

1. I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Mahoosive Paw Prints are Gone


Following on from our boreen blitz a fortnight ago, we've been very good round these parts for keeping the place ship shape. I say we, I mean the lads & I - Diesel, the big hog has been doing no such thing. Routinely galloping into the house from the back garden and spreading muck splashes far and wide. 

Before he gets in, he likes to leap at the door with his mahoosive paws? It's literally opaque, every day. Cue me picking up a double sided squeegee that cleans the windows in seconds. Moment of awesome numero uno was the youngest becoming instantly obsessed with how quickly he can clean the windows with it. It may be short lived but, for now, the windows are glorious!

2. OMG, It's You! In the Actual Flesh!

Since starting this blogging malarkey I've met some pretty brilliant people. Although there can be a lot of drama on the Twitter machine created by and aimed at beauty bloggers, I've found the community to be one of the most supportive, friendly and welcoming places online. Shockingly so. That being said I don't go in for BS or pseudo online drama, life is waaay too short and I haven't got the time so I tend to surround myself with the positive, hilarious girlies. 

Imagine my delight when I got to meet one of the nicest of the lot. Kat from is one half of the gorgeous Dolly Rouge gals, who have been nothing but supportive of others and I got to meet & chat with her at an event this week. I can confirm, folks, she's just as lovely (maybe even lovelier) in real life. Isn't it fabulous when that happens?

3. I'm Walking in Sunshine - Woooaahooohhhh


The weather has been unreasonably & unseasonably fabulous this past few weeks. There's nothing I enjoy more than a bit of sunshine to heat mah bones. Not quite sure what Lord of kismet deigned that I be born in Ireland but here I am (usually perished). 

When I finished up in town on Wednesday evening though the sun was out in all it's glory. When I sat at the bus stop the breeze was blocked entirely and I could have been anywhere in the world. A few warm rays on your fizzog really are all you need to perk your day right up. 

4. Unexpected & Wonderful

This past week I've been serving on jury duty and will be for another little while. Because of this I've been unavailable to the mad house that is my job. Out of Office is on my emails and an apologetic voice mail redirecting calls is live on my phone. 

Because I've been so caught up, I haven't actually noticed the peace, that was until Thursday. We got an unexpected day off. Now normally I wouldn't know the meaning of the word and mails, calls and messages still mount up but because I've been incommunicado, nobody called. Nobody called, nobody mailed, nobody texted and it was heaven. I snuck back to bed for an hour and got up to a leisurely brunch on my ownio. The sound of silence, it's totally underrated. 

5. Great Balls of Fire
I'll have a post up on this balm tomorrow but today I want to share one of the greatest discoveries of my grown up lady life. At the La Roche Posay launch on Wednesday we were given the low down as well as some astounding claims for Cicaplast. It was explained how it can instantly calm and cool dry, cracked and sore skin. 'Wonderful' thought I, if only I had need to test it. 

I'm blaming exhaustion on the fact that I got on the wrong shaggin' bus to pick up my car afterward. I was left over a mile from where I needed to be with no option but to hoof it the rest of the way. In heels. Only a woman will truly understand the torture of burning balls, footballs, balls of your feet from walking long distances in heels. Hot Hooves R Us. But when I sat into the car, inspiration struck. One rub of Cicaplast on my poor tootsies and the burn was gone. Instantly. Gone. The relief was immense. Though they were still slightly tender, I could drive home in relative comfort. It wasn't LRP's intended use, I'm sure but by jove I'll be using it again! Genius. 

Et voila, 5 moments that have floated my boat and made my week. What's going on in your neck of the woods? 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Another great Monday's Moments installment :) First of all, would you like to send over your sprog to see how clean he can get my windows?

Secondly, I confirm that it was lovely to meet Kat in the actual flesh and hope to have more chats in the near future :)

Thirdly, burning balls are the worse infliction ever for a girl to endure. It's totally self inflicted but there is nothing as nice as taking your shoeses off at the end of a night out and feeling them relax :)

Great post!

Unknown said...

Aw very sweet shout out to Kat; she is lovely, and so are you.

And is there nothing that Cicaplast balm can't handle?! Burny balls are the worst.

Kat ( said...

Oh my god. Morto and delighra all at once!!! I must say I was quite nervous heading up (brought the OH's sis for support in Rachelle's absence!) but you made me feel really welcome and at ease. I loved meeting you and all the other ladies too and can't wait for the next one now! xxx