Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday's Moments - 16/09/13

Oi, Monday, what's occurin'? I'm not about to bore your faces off with the tale of my back still being bandy but suffice to say that pretty much all of the Moments chasing away my Monday Blues this week are home based. 

You know I love to hear the happy haps going on in your life too so do please share what's brightening your day, your week or your month in the comments and we'll smile cheesily together, k?

1. Junior Brain Box

Last week saw the Junior Cert results released and despite Adam's best attempts to freak me out by looking forlorn every time he saw me for the entire day before hand, he only went and did brilliantly. 

9 honours, M'Lud so I couldn't very well refuse when he asked to join his pals on the Junior Night in town. That's him up there (in the blue), with his bestie, being papped on the night - isn't it just as well he was behaving? I'm seriously chuffed with the little blighter. He'll be buying my NYC loft before we know it!

2. Third Level, Brah

Because Adam is never going to afford that loft AND my yacht for the Hamptons on his own, Moment Two comes in the form of his eldest bro officially starting college today. 

That funny dude that writes our movie reviews? Yeah he's just left for his first day of a BA as a Computer Systems Technician. After a summer spent only getting out of his slanket to attend press screenings and premieres, I'm thinking it might be a little bit of a culture shock for the chap. 
Yay college!

3. Face Painting for Nosebags

As of this weekend I have a freshly painted kitchen and bathroom thanks to a very kindly soul, who was paid in copious coffees and liberal bossing about, unfortunately I also have a freshly painted muttley because Diesel, quite literally, can't keep his snout out of things. 

'When life gives you lemon paint, make doe eyes so nobody shouts'. Clever hog - he gets away with murder!

4. Subliminal Cruelty

See this? It's a threat, right? I'm not imagining things? Well this was sent to me this week by the youngest Gorgebag. He says it's justified - I'm not so sure..

You see his girlfriend (Hai Lauryn!) was away for a couple of weeks recently so left Adam with her perfume (Marc Jacobs' Daisy) to remind him of her while gone (ah, young love). I happened to admit that I've been spraying myself with Daisy ever since so that every time Adam leans in for a smooch he'll be subliminally thinking of me...
Sorry, Lauryn. 
Totally not sorry, Ad... Muwahahahaha

5. It's the Shortlists, Yo!

Last and by no means least, the shortlists for this years Blog Awards Ireland was released on Saturday and I awoke to a flurry of congratulatory tweets. Turns out we've been shortlisted in TWO categories! Beauty/Fashion and Humour. It's chuffage central all up in here so genuine thanks to all of you that take the time out to drop by each day. The news has honestly given me a pep in my Keyser Söze step all weekend. 

Competition is pretty fierce this year for the awards and I'm truly elated just to make the ickle lists but honestly, have a squizz at the sheer amount of talent on those shortlists then double that to include all of the other Irish blogs rocking the kasbah too. 
Ireland, you're kicking ass right now in the blogging stakes!

Now tell us, what's lightening your load today? Gimme the good news!


Unknown said...

OMG no 4 haha. I must remember that trick lol! #mommyproblems

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all! A successful week all 'round.

I've had a pretty slow start to the week 'cos I've had a fairly honking cold. Getting better slowly...