Wednesday, 18 September 2013

MUA Matte Palette v Urban Decay's Naked Basics - Swatches

we had a look yesterday at MUA's Smokin palette versus Urban Decay's Smoked and it very nearly blew up the blog. How's about a look at the budget beauty brands other newest offering - the Matte Palette versus one of the worlds nicest matte palettes that just so happens to also belong to Urban Decay - Naked Basics. 

Can we first take a minute to look at just how pretty the Matte Palette is for just €4.77? Seriously. 

But we're here to compare so let's...

As you can see, in the pan we're looking at 6 almost perfect matches with 4 bonus mattes. 

But will the swatches hold up? 

Despite there being slightly more fall out on MUAs side, the colours match up pretty much perfectly. The consistency of Urban Decay is slightly softer and feels more velvety on application but that doesn't mean MUA is far off - their pigmentation holds and with the use of a primer, the minimal fall out is reduced significantly.  

The four extra colours in the Matte Palette can't go unnoticed either, that dusky pink is beautiful with the soft blue in the crease for an every day pretty eye.  

While Naked Basics is and always has been a go to palette of mine, MUAs Matte Palette is NOTHING to be sneezed at. If matte shadows are you thing or you're just looking for a subtle day time palette I'd urge you to skedaddle to Superdrug or get your mitts on the Matte Palette here for less than a fiver. IMHO it is indeed a super duper. 


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