Tuesday, October 01, 2013

September Favourites ft Armani, Aveeno, L'Occitane, Maybelline, MUA and Vaseline

All the leaves are brown... the leaves are brown... and the sky is greeeey... Unheard of for us here on the Emerald Isle, Summer has held on with it's claws and refused to leave this year, much to my delight. It's also been a great month for new beauty finds - most of which are deliciously póca friendly too - behold my September Faves: 

1. Armani's Night Viper Nail Laquer: €24 Admittedly I balked a little at the €24 price tag for this new release Armani nail lacquer but when it makes your nails look like this in just two coats with no topcoat then my Jimmies were unrustled again. I managed 5 days wear with no chip or tip wear and no need for a refreshing coat of Seche Vite. Love. It. 

2. Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil: €8.89 here My Mam has always been an avid fan of Aveeno and I've managed to lather myself in her stash whenever showering in the Parental's. I'd never tried the brands Moisturising Creamy Oil until last week though. With active ingredients Colloidal Oatmeal and Sweet Almond Oil, this cream to oil formula moisturiser soaks in quickly and leaves the most beautiful almond scent behind. A real thigh rubber

3. Maybelline's Brow Drama: €7.49 here Available in 3 colours, Maybelline's ball brushed brow mascara is a manna to all of us that are a little clueless when it comes to brow care. I found mine best when left to 'dry out' for a day or two but the no streak, no clump, no muss, no fuss formulation has shaven precious minutes off my daily dash. Highly recommended. 

4. L'Occitane's Creme Divine: €82 in store or €93 here L'Occitane's Divine Cream is by far the most expensive item to ever make a CherrySue Faves list but truly, feeling and seeing is believing with this newly relaunched anti-aging cream. Derived from the Immotelle flower with Corsican Myrtle, Corsican Honey, Hyaluronic Acid and Evening Primrose Oil, from my first use I was crazy about this cream. Genuinely not necessary for under 35s but a godsend for those over, this 50ml pot will last 6 months and I've already put in my special Christmas gift request with himself for another. Get thee to a L'Occitane shop and sample this bad boy!

5. MUA's Smokin Palette: €7.18 here It's not often I'll call a product The Dopest Dupe I've Ever Seen but this new palette from budget beauty giants MUA has actually blown me away this month. A spot on dupe for the Urban Decay Smoked Palette at less than quarter of the price, this jewel toned, velvety soft wonder palette hasn't been out of my reach in weeks. I'd advise you to lep on this one, quick smart. 

6. Vaseline Paint the Town Red: €4.49 here A nasty side effect of all the pain meds I've been swallying for my back this month has meant that I'm suffering with the dryest lips known to man. While La Roche Posay's Cicaplast Lips has never left my kisser and literally saved my skin, Vaseline Paint the Town Red slathered on top is the most flattering blush red tone while I can't wear full on lippie or gloss. Consider it a handbag essential and get your mitts on this limited edition little red tin before it's too late. 

Tell me, what are you rating and or slating this past month? 

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Icaria said...

Oh gosh I want that Aveno moisturizer!!! I'm not sure we have it in Canada *fingers crossed*. The Armani n/p I will definitely have to hunt down. I'm a little disappointed that the bottles are so small but for such a perfect finish I think I'll make the sacrifice.