Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Take 3 - Burgundy Cream Shadows ft Chanel, Estée Lauder & Autograph

On this Take 3 offering we're looking at one of the most flattering shades of shadow for blue/green eyes and an absolute autumnal winner too, burgundy cream shadows. Yes, the shade works wonderfully with brown or hazel eyes too but there's something about the warmth of burgundy against blue that can transform the eye in your head. My top three picks are Chanel's Ébloui, Estée Lauder's Cosmic and Autograph (Marks & Spencer's) Russet, so there's something here to keep every purse happy. 

Though the three lined up seem vastly different, we'll go through them one by one with a final comparison swatch just to see how much burgundy bang you're getting for your buck. 

Autograph Russet: €10 (or €6.66 on 3 for 2)
Starting with the most affordable of the lot, Autograph's Russet is from the Marks and Spencer's line and the first product of their brand I've tried. The softest of the 3, Russet is a bright, coppery red toned burgundy mousse with lashings of pink and gold microglitter, though doesn't feel gritty. I use this with a lid primer (Smashbox is my fave) for an all over the eye look or buffed into the crease of a cream/gold shadow for a little more oomph. 

Though light as air on application, you have to be quick as once this Pure Color Mousse has set, it's not budging. I'm talking a good eight hours, crease free wear. I managed to pick up Russet on a 3 for 2 from M&S here, that's 3 shadows for €20 and, hands down, it's the best beauty bargain I've managed to bag. I'm in the actual love with it.  

Estée Lauder's Pure Color Shadow Stay on Paint: Cosmic: €23
Next up the price point ladder we have Estée Lauder's Cosmic. One of the nine in its line, Cosmic leapt at me from the Estée Lauder stand in Sephora on my last jaunt to Paris. A deeper bronzey shade of burgundy, the golden shimmer is woven through the soft touch shadow. I'd liken these more to MAC Paint Pots than Russet's mousse texture above. 

Again, speed is your friend when applying this cream shadow, I wear it as a wash on the lid, buffed out to bejebus or as an under eye liner applied with an angled brush. When I say you're looking at longevity with this shade, I'm talking after the A bomb, there'll only  be cockroaches and Estée Lauder's Cosmic left - they'll be some FANCY roaches.  You can pretty much sleep in this burgundy bad boy and greet the post man at the crack of dawn with everything still in place. You'll find it and its counterparts here for €23.

CHANEL ILLUSION D'OMBRE Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow: Ébloui: €29
Just like Cosmic, Chanel's Ébloui is one of nine stunning colours available from the brand. The most expensive of the lot, it took me over 6 months to get my mitts on this burgundy beaut. The formulation of this cream shadow is pure luxury, spongey to the touch and ridiculously soft, it glides on to the lid effortlessly as only Chanel can. 

A deep russet red, brown with multi coloured micro glitter, Ébloui is an absolute dazzler in the sunshine and an ideal shadow for a rich autumnal smokey eye. I wear it pressed over Catrice's Made to Stay Charcoal paint pot and buffed out liberally for a statement eye (it's a thing). You'll pick up Chanel's Ébloui here for €29.50 and I'd recommend every cent of it. 

And that's them, my Take 3 Burgundy Cream Eye Shadows. I honestly couldn't choose a favourite. I find myself reaching for Chanel more but wouldn't be without the other two, despite how eerily similar they are. 

As with all Take 3 posts, if you have a link to a similar post (about burgundy shadow), please feel free to leave it in the comments and I'll be sure to check it out. 

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