Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Up Costumes for Halloween: Prepare for THE CUTENESS (Guest Post)

Afternoon all, here I have a fab post from my even more fab Sister, Corrina (WHO SHOULD HAVE A BLOG) about how she's brought Pinterest to life and dressed her two little lads as the characters from Pixar favourite, UP, on a shoestring. Enjoy!

While thinking of what to dress my two little lads as for Halloween I started browsing Instagram & Pinterest as you do! I came across this little fella & thought he was the cutest little Mr Fredrickson from Up.
I thought it’d be easy enough to put together but I couldn’t find a black dickie bow anywhere. Even twitter couldn’t help! While out for a drink with CherrySue in The Church I spied Penny’s over her shoulder.
So I ordered a round & left her to browse the interweb while I hotfooted it across the road. In less than 10 minutes I was in & out with the complete outfit for my 2 year old all for €22.00
White polo tops 2 for €2.50, grey cardigan €10, brown cords €6 & dickie bow €3.50 - ALL from Penney's!
Genius idea from Cherry Sue for his glasses, just use children's 3D movie glasses & pop out the lenses. 
Cillian wondering how to get the skylight open to test these bad boys
Ok so now the tricky part, the walker, I asked the hubby for ideas of which he had none & told me “It can’t be done”. He should really know by now not to tell me that! I went to our local hardware store, Griffin Hawe and showed Anthony a photo of the walker on my phone. Hey presto, 10 minutes later he had made me one and glued it together for me for €12. A quick trip to the Euro shop for tennis balls (4 for €2.50) and little mans outfit was complete.

His older brother also needed a costume so I thought of Russell.
While on a trip to Dublin I paid a quick visit to the Scout Shop on Liffey Street. I got an orange neckerchief, woggle and 2 packs of 20 badges all for €10. Marks & Sparks had a sale on school uniforms so I picked up 2 yellow polo tops for €4.50. For the badge holder I cut up a sheet & tied it in a knot at his hip. The badges I stuck on with double sided sticky tape! Hubby usually does the sewing in this house!
After being in the Reserve Defence Forces for 7 years & hubby still serving we literally have a shed load of camping things. So I got a little back pack & tied on cups, mess tins & binoculars. Just add balloons & we are ready to rock for Halloween. Let me know what you think and if you have any costume ideas. You can find me on twitter @jordanstone4 and on Instagram as stonebabies. Happy Halloween ;)
The finished look. Kant Kope!!
What do we think? We think she should have a blog, right? RIGHT?! Thanks a mill, Sis, come back anytime.


M x said...

Amazing and adorable and yes she should totally have her own blog!!!

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

Aw this is so lovely! I love home made costumes especially when they're this cute!

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

Brilliant. Now if you could ask Corrina to get started on a "dead Cheerleader" costume for an 8yr old.... Because I am flummoxed.