Friday, October 11, 2013

Ron Burgundy and the Dodge Durango - He's a Manly, Manly Sellout

While we don't get Dodge Durangos here on the Emerald Isle, we do get the inexplicably angry, fiery flute playing, mustachioed Ron Burgundy and in our seemingly never ending wait for Anchor Man 2, these hilarious, dead pan ads will have to tide us over. 

Yes Mr. Burgundy is a sell out but when he's this manly, this angry and this face achingly funny do we really care? (no, we don't). Check out a few of the advertisements that have already hit US screens this week: 


According to Greenstein, CMO of Paramount Pictures, we haven't seen all of the bite sized bufoonery yet as he plans to release several more before the movie's release this December. You can get more info on

I don't care much for your blatant sell outery but, Mr Burgundy I heart you. I heart you hard.

Are you an Anchorman fan? Looking forward to the new one? 


Dawniepants said...

Scream! I can't wait till Anchorman 2. I recently said 'I love lamp' to two 18 year olds and they both looked at me blankly and said 'I don't get it' to which I felt very very old. But yay Anchorman 2!

Inanity and the Girl

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

I cannot wait for Mr Burgundy to return to my screen... The OH and I frequently make use of his colourful language. Will Paul Rudd be returning with his cologne??