Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

It's Friday eve and jimmies have been rustled, by Jebus, they've been rustled. I need to get these bad boys off my chest so without further ado:

1. When My Makeup Sweats Off 
Quicker Than I Can Put It On!

 photo tumblr_mp48ovCLMx1ry4q0lo1_400_zps5337cdc2.gif

2. People in the Cinema 
Checking Their Phone in the Middle of the Movie

 photo charlize_492565_zps537ef083.gif

3. People on the bus Texting Continuously 
with Keytones ON!!

 photo tumblr_m7gjflCmu01rziwwco1_1280_zpsb22fda57.gif

4. People Carrying Golf Umbrellas &
Jabbing Everyone in Their Path!

 photo tumblr_m1x89yqIDh1rovmado1_500_zps4d2115c9.gif

5. People that Talk About Themselves 
in the Third Person

 photo ZvHMS_zps7c0ef644.gif

Aaaand breathe...

Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week then? It truly does help to share..


Unknown said...

I agree with all of these!!

Kadie Lee said...

Ugh, the first one. I live in Florida - that is a real pain in the a**

Anonymous said...

Jimmies significantly un-russle-able this week.... I booked flights to go see De Mammy & De Pappy in de South of aFreaka. Just waiting on the kids passports and we are off!

Unknown said...

hahahah brilliant!!! :)