Monday, 14 October 2013

The L'Oreal Professional Steam Pod - Please Talk Me out of Buying One!

My first experience of the L'Oreal Professional Steam Pod last week was so revolutionary that it actually made my Monday's Moments this morning. For a hair styling tool, that's unheard of. 

I received a surprise appointment as a gift from my better half (surprise as in a day's notice, not hair styling ninjas surrounding me suddenly) so attended the local hairdresser with hair unwashed and ready to be wowed. I was wowed. 

I'm not normally one for selfies but, please, just look at that grúaig. I colour it myself, with Olia usually and hadn't done so in almost a month so the brightness is all down to the Steam Pod. But how does it work, you ask? Just like this: 

My entire appointment took just 25 minutes and that includes a wash with Kérastase Cristalliste shampoo and conditioner (my HG combination btw) and a keratin leave in heat treatment, that was blast dried through my hair before the stylist used the L'Oreal Steam Pod. 

My hair was sleek and shining in seconds, there wasn't a huge amount of steam as the Steam Pod comb attachment glided through my hair sections quickly and effortlessly. I had used the GHD previously but never had a flyaway, frizz free result like this before and it certainly never had the lasting effect that this treatment does. 

I didn't have to brush through my hair once in the following three days, just ran through it with my fingers. Normally I wash it every second day but, honestly, this felt like I'd just stepped out of the salon with a fresh blow dry each morning, even though the rest of me resembled the Wreck of the Hesperus. 

All in all the glossy, tangle free, shiny effects lasted 4 days before I washed it again and that includes hopping in and out of the shower daily with my hair tied in a loose bun AND sleeping on it tied up with a bobbin so this is the question(s) - do I need one for at home? Would I ever achieve this good a result by my lonesome with only two stubby arms? have the L'Oreal Steam Pod HERE for €165 (down from €220.45), there's Free Worldwide Delivery and 10% off your first order. In fairness the treatment only costs €20 per go, that's actually €5 cheaper than a blow dry in my local hairdresser (I like to support the underdog). 

I'd love your input and I'll ponder on it some more, one thing's for sure though - I'm hooked. 

*Update 2017
I succumbed! Full updated post upcoming!
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