Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

Aside from the sudden onset of winter this week there's been some serious jimmie rustling afoot - can you imagine if I wasn't on ALL OF THE OPIATES IN THE WORLD for my back? Let's not frighten ourselves OK? Let's let off some steam through the medium of gif...

Here's what's rustling my jimmies this week: 

1. Empty Loo Roll Tubes Left on the Holder with 
the New one BALANCED ON TOP!!

2. Throwing Cigarettes Butts from Car Windows

 photo rZsFjJN_zps7db14474.gif

3. Stores Insisting on a PRINT OUT of an Online Order Before In-Store Collection

 photo tumblr_inline_mgjpsphLEp1rq01eo_zps76195015.gif

4. Continual Passive Aggressive, Maudlin Tweets

 photo tumblr_mbepv0VgPx1qzsg5l_zps186e0582.gif
5. Driving the Wrong Way up Lanes 
in a Crowded Car Park
 photo 82380-OH-HELL-NO-gif-NOPE-qBmS_zps278b2d13.gif
C'mon, tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Sweet motherajaysis, Joanne does the toilet roll thing allllllllll the tiiiiiiiiiiiime! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?????

Photo-Jenn-ic said...

a print out?!! well that's just bloody inconvenient!
Great post!

LoNiCho said...

Stores Insisting on a PRINT OUT of an Online Order Before In-Store Collection - HELL TO THE YES.
And when you are returning an item bought online that you can return in store.
I was trying to return an item to a particular store, it didn't fit I had the email receipt bit but that wasn't good enough I need this print out. Well it wasn't possible to get back to the store with said print out for a couple of day. Of course when I went back to the store, I was 1 day over the 30day limit to return the item.
So they wouldn't take it I tried to return online no joy. So it just sits in my wardrobe mocking my jelly belly.
Head was wrecked

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

the cigarettes being chucked out of car windows. HATE!!!!!!
But I was fortunate enough once to be walking past a man was sat in his parked car and he butt-chucked. He didn't see me pick up the still lit butt and chucked it back into his unsuspecting lap.
The Effs and Jeffs of him as he was trying to avoid getting his balls burned still makes me smile. I had to fecking leg it though... I was worried he was gonna give chase!

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

Totally agree with number 4, was only giving out about that this week. It's the worst on facebook..Just, NO!! Hope your back starts to feel better soon.

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

Ah ha ha ha!! Love this Cindy!

Unknown said...

Cindy you have just made my day, hilar!!!