Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday's Moments: 21/10/13

Good afternoon, Monday, thought you'd get us all down by opening the heavens once more, didn't you? Well not this lass, there's been many kick ass Moments this week and this five alone are enough to keep me chipper as we start a new week: 

1. No Respect!!

I was delighted to finally get my hands on a Glossybox last week, so excited that I had already taken the lid off before I realised I should have my camera ready to take a few snaps. 

When I came back into the living room THIS is what I found. Boo has zero respect for the GlossyBox unboxing ritual! On the bright side that crimpledy paper kept her busy for hours. 

2. Bell X1 Weekend? Done! (Deal)

I've waxed lyrical about my love for Bell X1 before, they've made Cherry Pick of the Week several times and I still maintain that they're one of the most underrated Irish bands of the past ten years. 

Well the Gods (and Done Deal) must have been listening because this lovely lot arrived at my door last Wednesday. I'm about to educate the Sister in the ways of daycent Irish music, the madness of the Spiegeltent and daycent nights out in Wexford (even if I do need a mobility scooter to do it!). Huge thanks to Done Deal!!

3. The Momma & Son who Mud Mask Together

You might remember that the youngest Gorgebag did a Pro Activ trial for us this year to try calm his teenage troublesome visage but we weren't wowed by the results unfortunately. 

Well thanks to the lovely Sharon of Behind Green Eyes who sent a veritable feast of masks and samples for me to try, Adam and I had a little bonding session during the week with matching mud masks. He refused to allow me photograph him but his results were fantastic. I've agreed to buy a fistful of these babies, apply them for him once a week and document the changes. Thanks a mill, Shazza, you may have given us a cure!

4. Sequins, Sass and my 
Entire Karaoke Favourites Setlist

The Sis and I were thrilled to head along to the Bord Gais Theatre on Press Night to check out Priscilla Queen of the Desert last week. One of my favourite films, I was nervous that it would be lost in translation and I'd end up hating it. 

From the opening act we laughed, we cried, we clapped and sang our hearts out. This rendition of Priscilla is exactly what musical theatre is all about. If you get a chance to get your tuckus to this Dublin run, please do, you will NOT be disappointed. 

5. Reason I'm Glad I Didn't 
Sell him to a Circus: 1,34567

I'm fairly sure ye're all tired of hearing about my bandy back at this stage. I only managed to leave the house 3 times this week and I can tell you it took it out of me. The madra has been following me from room to room all weekend so I know I must be hobbling more than usual. 

After an exhausting weekend, I headed up to bed early last night. Partly because it had been a long week but mostly because the tablets weren't even taking the edge off. As I lay half comatose but still aching, I was cursing myself for not bringing my heat pad but full sure I couldn't make it back down - that's when this big thoughtful Oaf snuck into the room and lay it on my hip, having heated it in the microwave. I pretty much welled up from gratitude and instant relief. I've said it before and I'll continue to say it but I'm keeping him. Like FOREVER. Sorry, ladies of the world. 

Tell me, what's chasing your Monday Blues away then? 


M x said...

Awh, your boy is so sweet, I'm welling up reading that!

Eleanorjane said...

Gosh, that much pain must really be getting you down. I hope you find something to sort it soon!

My Monday was pretty crappola with a three-four drive in the rain (and dark) with broken windscreen wipers (for part of the drive I had one wiper in the car and one flopping faintly at ever decreasing corners of my windscreen...). And long stupid meetings at work. Hoping for a much better day tomorrow...