Tuesday, 7 August 2012

First Look: Urban Decay Smoked Palette (Swatches Galore)

I tried to convince myself that I'd only swatch Smoked in the shop, that because I already own (and adore) Naked 1 AND Naked 2 that I really didn't need this darker offering from Urban Decay but, since I managed to get a sneak peek a couple of weeks back, all reason went out the window. It's darker, it's edgier, it's gorgeous.

Prepare yourself for pictures!

Chunky zip design outside and large mirror inside Smoked
Extras include Perversion eye pencil, Eyeshadow Primer Potion & Get the Look Book with 12 step by step tutorials
Overview of all 10 shadows
Kinky Swatch. Freestyle Swatch

Kinky is a paler than pale matte cream highlighter. It's new and exclusive to this palette with a creamy soft consistency.

Freestyle is a peachy cream matte, also new and exclusive and is almost the exact colour of my skin. This will make a fantastic blending shade.

Mushroom Swatch. Backdoor Swatch

Mushroom is a grey/silver/taupe, high shine and super soft. There is slight fallout with this shade but the colour pay off is outstanding.

Backdoor is a deep charcoal brown/grey. With a matte finish and almost a soft focus effect on the skin it is an ideal go to shade for a smoky smudged liner.

Blackout Swatch. Barlust Swatch. 

Blackout is a jet black matte, it has a creamy consistency but little or no fall out. It's divine.

Barlust is a rich copper brown/gold. The colour pay off is stunning with this new and exclusive shade. It has a buttery soft texture and applies like a dream. This will be part of my every other day routine.

Rockstar Swatch. Evidence Swatch. 

Rockstar is a deep metallic aubergine purple, its colour pay off is stunning. The creamy consistency is perfect for using in a smoked look. There's a little fall out with Rockstar but nothing that can't be worked with.

Evidence again is a stunningly vivid shade. Almost an electric navy blue it feels a little grittier than the others but once applied it blends beautifully.

Loaded Swatch. Asphalt Swatch. 
Loaded is a rich, vibrant teal green with a deep shine. It's darker than any green or teal I've owned but sits beautifully on the skin. Again, this is joining my go to Urban Decay list. I love it.

Asphalt is a deep slate, charcoal grey with almost a taupe finish on the skin. Buttery soft to apply but with a micro shimmer for sparkle.

Overall Smoked is an absolute win for me. The several extras are a great addition but the quality of all ten shadows are more than worth the €40 price tag on their own.

Yes, I have an extensive shadow collection but the fact that I use one, if not both, Naked palettes every single day means that this will just bring some drama to my looks. The pencil case design is ideal for travel or for throwing into my mála to transform a daytime look into night appropriate make up with next to no effort. 

Are you tempted? 

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