Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bigging Up the Bronze! How to Wear the Look

Some would say that bronze is the best of a bad lot but just ask any of the fourth place Olympian athletes of the past couple of weeks what they'd do to get their mitts on it and you might just see another side.

A look that transcends all seasons and a staple in many kits, bronze is one of the most wearable of the metallics when it comes to cosmetics. Lemme show you what I mean...

Estée Lauder Pure Color in Nouveau Riche: €20
One of the most stunning colours I now own and new from the brand is Nouveau Riche. A breathtakingly vibrant shade that almost catches fire in the sunlight. Subtle enough for office wear and luxe enough for an evening out. Lauder have really hit the mark with this. 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkle Leopard - €5.40
Richly pigmented and soft to the touch, NYX's Sparkle Leopard Jumbo Eye Pencil is a multi purpose pencil for pretty cheap. Use it as an eyeliner, eye shadow or even a warm highlighter,  once dried this pencil won't budge. Bronzey gorgeousness. 

Ray from TopShop - €18
I've raved about Ray before, for use on cheeks, lips, eyes and your bod this bronzed highlighter will add a kiss of sunshine to wherever it's applied. Ridiculously long lasting, if you haven't checked out Cheeks by TopShop, I say go see them, now. 

Made to Stay Catrice Eyeshadow, Metall of Honour - €3.29
A beautifully soft golden bronze, Metall (totally not a typo) of Honour is soft, blendable and rock steady once set. Use this rich bronze as a base for other shadows or on it's own for a sweep of metallic loveliness. 

Clarins Bronzing Duo in Medium - €33.04
I couldn't possibly do a bronze round up without my favourite, go to bronzer. Clarins Bronzing Duo is part of their Enchanted range that I told you about earlier in the year. This is probably one of the most flattering bronzers I've used. An ideal contouring powder and bronzer, if you need a lift or a kiss of the sun, this is the one for you. 

Are you a lover of the copper alloy?

Psst, not that I'm enabling anyone
but Barlust from the new Smoked 
Palette is a GORGEOUS bronze! 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I love me some bronze and that polish is stunningggggggg! Bronzey shades are so flattering on all eye shades and looking at that Catrice shade, you totally don't need the Maybelline one ;P But I'll totes give it to you anyway to complete your brrrrronze collection :)

Strawberry Blonde Beauty said...

omg such gorgeousness. esp the nailpolish - must have that!

Nic x

boredmum said...

i really like that nail polish, tis fab, and very snazzy, Where stocks NYX???? i realy like that eye pencil,

Dawniepants said...

Oh that is gorgeous! I love love love that polish!


Unknown said...

This post is amazeballs - so much wantiness! I think I need that polish xo

Sue Jordan said...

Hiyaaaaay :D

Sue Jordan said...

You should see it IRL, Nic, it's a stunner x

Sue Jordan said...

You'll get NYX on Beauty Emporium, A x

Sue Jordan said...

It's gorgeous Em, I've removed it and reapplied it already! x

Sue Jordan said...

The others in the range are gorgeous too Dawnie, I'm afraid to look again! x

Siun said...

Bronze is such an easy to wear colour palette, love it. That nail polish is absolutely divine!! Well jel :-)