Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Origins Modern Friction: Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion

When I saw this beauty pop up on LovelyGirlieBits, I knew it had to be a doozy. Though I love Karen long time, her blog costs me money, lots 'o money, on the other hand, girlfriend knows what she's talking about so when she raves, there's a reason. Yet again, she wasn't wrong.

Origins Modern Friction is a natural facial scrub, offering a gentler solution to your dermabrasion needs. I've long been a fan of scrubs with a little oomph, Kiehl's Microdermabrasion and No7's offering have been often in rotation in my bathroom but with Origins we have something very different altogether.

Utilising Rice Starch and natural goodies such as glycerin, bergamot, lemon peel oil, cucumber oil, basil and peppermint, Modern Friction gives you all the fantastic effects of a deep scrub without the harsh nasties of a chemical microdermabrasion. 

Thick & gloopy with little rice scrubbers

Used in moderation, you scrub this lightly scented scrub in circular motion onto dry skin (onto damp skin should you be sensitive), splash on a little warm water and scrub it gently into your face, paying particular attention to your problem areas, for me that's my T-Zone.

Once rinsed clean, I noticed that my skin was immediately brighter, softer and felt more pampered than it's been in quite a while. I followed up with a quenching moisturiser and spent the duration of the day stroking my own cheeks.

There's not a bad word I can say about this new staple in my routine, I'm using it twice a week and actively looking forward to doing so. It's fantastic to prep my face for a new tan and of course to rid it of any remnants of the old one. The delicate citrussy, bergamot scent reminds me of holidays, that alone, aside from the stunning results, makes this a win for me.

Do yo'self a favour, when you're passing an Origins stand (HUGE new one in Blanchardstown Debenhams by the by) rub some Modern Friction on one hand, massage it in gently then take it off with a tissue. Then compare hands and see the instant results this can give you, I know you'll love it.

I'm taking no responsibility for melting of Laser cards for this one though, it was Karen what done it. 

Are you an Origins lover? Is there anything else I should be checking out from the brand? 


Unknown said...

I am a sucker for a good scrub and this sounds like a belter! xo

Anonymous said...

Origins is amazing! Love their spot zapper gel and moisturisers too :-) A perfect world moisturiser is gorgeous. Lovin your blog Sue! Clare x

E. said...

I used to use this but occasionally it made me all red faced and burny-sore so I gave it up. It's dead good if it works for you tho!