Monday, August 20, 2012

Return of the TellyBox Tweets

I'm guessing if you're on Twitter it was pretty impossible not to know that X-Factor was back on Saturday night. While I'm not a huge fan of the show, I'm a super fan of the live tweets that accompany it. Pithy, razor sharp and usually hilarious, these tweets make the show for me. 

A couple of tweeters were aghast that it's back so soon, calling it 'Winter Telly' and that got me thinking... While I'm loathe to admit that Summer is over, I'm chuffed that some of the best telly is hurtling back toward us this Autumn. 

One of the stand out shows for me last year was American Horror Story, even the title music gives me the heebie jeebies and season two is set to be even creepier. I loved that so many conspiracy theories were thrown up on Twitter as its viewers tried, unsucessfully, to figure out just what was going on. This season is set in an asylum... the possibilities are endless. Cannot wait. 

The third series of Downton Abbey is making its way toward us too. The addition of Shirley MacLaine is sure to spice things up. I do love a good acerbically tongued matriarch, just as much as I love the lightening fast tweets that accompany this, sometimes, slowly paced but addictive costume drama. There's no specific date for release yet but it's coming. 

Another one that can't come fast enough for me is the stunning Irish show about Dublin gangland violence Love/Hate. I literally watched the season 2 finale through my fingers with my heart racing. It's fantastic television and could show American production teams a thing or two when it comes to gritty Irish shows. While it wasn't always tweeted throughout, as soon as each episode ends, twitter explodes with 'OMFG' tweets, disbelief that it would push boundaries like it does - shock and awe from RTE, who'd have thunk it?

That's just three of my favourites set to return very soon and of course bring with them endless entertainment as they're live tweeted. I've seen twitter all aflutter with news of the Homeland return too, though I've never watched it - I might have to get on that.  

Tell me, what show are you most looking forward to returning this Autumn? And are you a fan of live tweeting them? 


S said...

I love American Horror Story, and I love thins set in asylums (don't judge)so can't wait for this! I probably wouldn't watch the X Factor if I couldn't get on twitter, it makes it for me x

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited for the return of Downton Abbey, the trailer for season three has already whet my appetite and totally agree with you on the addition of Shirley MacLaine. Both she and Maggie Smith will make for some comically tense scenes.

I'm also very much looking forward to season two of Revenge. Between Ashley Davenport's wardrobe, the rollercoaster plot and Nolan's cheeky grin - I can't wait for September 30th!

- Sinéad x

Rob Jordan said...

Sons of Anarchy in October for me!

Rob Jordan said...

Sons of Anarchy in October for me!

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I love the Twitter on X Factor nights, it's great craic and I figure if you don't watch the show, I'd steer clear of twitter, moaning that everyone's watching and tweeting is boring!

I'm excited for American Horror story too but because I didn't watch it when it was on telly last time so must do it this season. Sames goes for Downton, I can't wait for that!