Thursday, 16 August 2012

Chanel's New Lust Have Scent - Coco Noir

Prepare yourselves, ladies, on the 17th of August Chanel are set to launch their newest scent, CoCo Noir at selected Chanel Counters. They say: 

'Coco Noir is a distinctive CHANEL olfactory signature of desire and modesty, mystery and brilliance, in which baroque audacity and classic demeanour mingle and blend. By its complexity and elegance, Coco Noir celebrates the change in notion of femininity.'

I say, it's been a long time since I've fallen so instantly in love with a scent as I have with Coco Noir. It's unmistakeably Chanel but it's a darker, edgier more sensuous version. Notes of Mademoiselle are detectable but Noir brings Chanel fragrance to a whole new level in my book. Housed in a heavy weight black glass bottle with inimitable gold Chanel design, this is going to make one beautiful addition to any bedside table or dresser. 

The EDP will set you back €92 for the 50ml and €132 for 100ml but truly, with this fragrance smelling is believing. 

Are you a Chanel fragrance fan? Have you a favourite? 

I should give special mention to 
the beautiful Emma from Fluff & Fripperies
who introduced me to this scent on the journey home
this week. So stunning it almost caused a crash! 
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