Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NOTD - Avon - Perfectly Flesh

I had the chance last week at a sneaky ogle at what's new from Avon polishes and, yep, I leapt at it. I'm going to put together a similar post to the recent NailWear Pro + one to let you see all the goodness but I couldn't let this pretty pink number leave my talons without giving you a peak. 

Avon Perfectly Flesh - €8
Perfectly Flesh is a beautifully creamed, dusky pink that actually made me think of Barbie's nails as I put it on. The formulation is fantastic and takes two coats for full, smear free opacity. 

With Flash
Natural Day Light
Isn't it pretty? Subtle enough for office wear and the perfect base coat for a sneaky slick of glitter, Perfectly Flesh, despite it's sliiiiightly weird name, will see you right through the seasons. Love. 

Are you a fan of pastel pink polishes? 

Psst. My talons are recovering nicely
with thanks to Nail Envy too. Getting 
longer & stronger every day. 


Sara said...

Such a pretty colour and who doesnt love some sparkles:)

Sara xx

Anonymous said...

Aawww, so pretty!

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

That's a beautiful combination! Love it!

liloo said...

not too fussed about the revlon base but omg the topcat is divine, wow!
liloo/@tsunimee xx