Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spotlight on Highlighters: 5 of the Best

I often need all the help I can to look less like I've risen from a crypt in the morning and highlighters are just one of the secret weapons I use to bring a little brightness and luminescence to my otherwise tired fizzog. 

Regardless of the product in question, I use all highlighters similarly. 

  • In a Power V (Make a V sign with your fingers, one under your brow, the other on your cheek bone & use them as a guide). 
  • Down the centre of my schnozz to make my nose appear slimmer. 
  • In my cupid's bow, to give me the illusion of fuller lips. 
  • On the innermost corners of my eyes to widen them and appear more awake.
  • On my décolletage with lower cut tops.

The market is completely saturated with products to help you bring a natural shine to specific areas of your face but I thought I'd show you my top 5. To be used sparingly of course, I made that mistake once and ended up like the Tin Man in search of a face cloth and a slap. 

MAC's Superb - €28

First up, MAC Superb from the In Extreme Dimension collection. This large pan is one of the only items I have ever queued in a MAC shop for. I rote about my grá for it here but since then it has just risen in my estimation. I'm using it as a highlighter, an eyeshadow and a body  brightener on my décolletage (as I am with each of these products). The rose gold luminous colour is one of the most flattering products I own.  

Benefit's High Beam - €26.50

Cult favourite and long time hanger outer in my kit, Benefit's High Beam is liquid light for your skin. It's soft pink shimmer blends out to an almost invisible but completely iridescent brightener and works wonders for a quick pick me up. 

Catrice Made to Stay Highlighter Pen - €3.29
 The cheapest of my picks, Catrice's new Made to Stay Highlighter Pen more than holds its own in the highlighting stakes. Coming in at €3.29, this soft, pale pink shimmer stick is twistable uppable and the ideal size for throwing into your mála for quick perk me ups during the day. It's staying power is fantastic and the shade will complement any skin tone. 

MAC SuperWatt - €18
The second MAC offering to make the luminous grade is SuperWatt from the recent Electric Cool collection. Technically this one is an eye shadow but boy what a product it is. It's a super soft creamy champagne taupe that lends itself easily to highlighting efforts on the rest of your kisser. It glides on effortlessly and seriously stays put all day. Even on your lids this won't crease or rub, I'm seriously impressed with SuperWatt. Seriously. 

TopShop Cheeks in Prism - €15
I seem to be mentioning Prism just about everywhere these days but that's not for nothing. A constant in my make up kit and a product I won't be without, TopShop have knocked it out of the park with their Cheeks range. I adore Prism but should you want a bronzer look, there's always Ray. There's definitely something for everyone in the light stakes when it comes to Cheeks. 

Remember you don't always need a product specifically designed to highlight in order to get the effect. Any light or frosted shadows will do the trick too. Never be afraid to play around with what's in your make up bag already. Have a bit of fun and see what works for you. 

Tell me, what are you using to light the highs of your face these days? 


Makeup Over Mind said...

Loved this post! Think I might need to add that Topshop one to my never ending list! :) I'm loving a Smashbox cream quad I have, but also the highlight from my sleek contour kit. I have quite a few random ones actually...Eventually I will find the highlighter to end all others and I *will be mistaken for J-Lo...! Or maybe not...Either way - love me some glow! :)

Dawniepants said...

Brilliant, I love highlighters! I love your picks and I have the Benefit one! I have a few favourites that you should totally try if you have the option! The Balm's Oooh La Luminiser is amazing, and I love a little bit of Soap and Glory's Hocus Focus as a little sneaky mixer!


laura said...

Great post cherrysue,want both of those mac products and am defo gonna check out topshops prism.personally,high beam does nothing for me-i find it highlights my pores,but that's just my skin.i adore Christian dior's amber diamonds highlighter.a little sweep on cheek bones works wonders i tell ya,wonders! Also love bobbi Brown's shimmer bricks x