Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TopShop - Ray - Cheek, Lip & Body Highlighter

We've seen several large brands bring out bronze highlighters so far this Summer, first Benefit with SunBeam to replace Moonbeam and now TopShop have added to their Cheeks collection with Ray, a deep bronze highlighter with golden microshimmer shot through it's twistable uppable stick. (that's totally a technical term)

The Cheeks range (including Prism) are soft, blendable highlighters that are made for use on cheeks (natch), eyes, lips and the body. Fancy some swatches?

Even swatched heavily, Ray blends out to bronzey, luminous loveliness

Ray is a great highlighter for darker skin tones but, truth be told, I'm loving it on my own visage. It's a lot warmer than it's counterpart Prism but works beautifully as a brightener for tanned skins (false or naturddle).A swish on your lips, topped with a slick of gloss is a great way to do a simple Summer lip too.

At €18 these bad boys aren't cheap but you're getting a lot of product for your eurobux, please see exhibit A, M'Lud. I bought Prism over 9 months ago and although reluctant at first, it's simple and effective ways won me over and I've been using it every other day since. Wanna see what 9 months use does to the schtick?

Both fully extended..

Not bad, right? I can foresee Ray being shown just as much love as Prism and taking a spot in my prime rotation of daytime make up, it might even make a cheeky appearance as a body highlighter when the sun deigns to visit us again or if we ever get away to the sunshine.

Considering the blatant TopShop price conversion rip off, I did want to link you straight to both of these products online but alas they're not to be found on the site and I'm not quite sure why that is. As it stands if you want to try out this warm schtick of goodness for yourself you're going to have to check in store, I can assure you, you won't regret it.

Any love for a bronzey highlighter? What are you using currently to light the highs of your visage?


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Ooh I love the look of these, am getting very into highlighters and shimmery face products and if you get that long out of them, then that's a bargain!

Unknown said...

This looks lovely :))) I love bronze highlighters, maybe I'll skip sunbeam and get this instead :)) thanks for a fab post!!!xxx

Unknown said...

Im only getting into highlighters too Im liking the bronzy one its gorgeous

Unknown said...

It's as lovely as I imagined - ill have to whip out my student discount card

Anonymous said...

This looks gorgeous, I may have to have a sneaky look next time I'm shopping :)