Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday's Moments - 11/06

Morning all, anyone else as bleary eyed as I this morning? I was off terrorising Galwegians for the Mumford and Sons gig this weekend - what's your excuse? There's a busy week ahead with events and movies so be sure to check back in for all the Happy Haps. I'll mostly be mainlining Red Bull to keep up, I'm assuming...

1. Lemme Guess...

I often speak about my little pal Séamus (4) here in Monday's Moments as he's an absolute tonic. He's my Sis' little boy and my Godson/Sausage. This week was kicked off with another corker from him. The Sis has been teaching the little ones board games, one of our favourites for years was Guess Who, so when I visited he was keen to show off his mad Guess Who skillz.

After setting up we began with the questions, 'Ok, you go, Aunty Sue' sez he,'Has your person got glasses?' I asked, 'Nope, she has yellow hair!'. 'Noo, sausage, just say yes or no'. 'Ok, go again' he says, getting another card chuckling. 'Has your person got grey hair' I ask, 'Nope, he has big red cheeks!'. Swear to god, I almost busted a gullet laughing at his innocence. Just give him time, he'll soon be like my youngest that made me homeless in Monopoly at Christmas, his own mother! (Still burns).

2. Madras are Doin' it for Themselves

Diesel, the Deadly

Look at those eyes, you'd be forgiven for thinking that butter wouldn't melt, right? Those are the eyes of one of the cleverest feckers you'll see today. I've known for a week or so now that he needs his nails clipped, it's the copious amounts of salmon & cod liver oil he hogs that make 'em grow like wildfire.

Well this week he figured out how to make his talons work for him and I still can't figure out how he does it. Usually during the day, he'll be out the back, bouncing on the trampoline, trying to catch planes or snoozing his head off but he's now discovered how to open the back door from the outside & let himself in! I realised on Tuesday, when I was alone in the house and in he trots, not making eye contact and plonks himself down! I have no clue how he does it but spent about an hour spying on him for upstairs and caught him at it. Carefully sliding his nail down the length of the door and causally sauntering in. I can't do it, the lads can't do it. Diesel be a genius breaker inner!

3. Can't Decide if Genius or Lazy Beast...

I've seen people use their cars to test their dog's speed before and even train some of the larger or faster breeds. This dude for instance seemed to love it. Gawping out the trian window on Friday though I saw something a little strange. Along the field at The Curragh a man was driving at speed with a little mongrel running alongside. I mean this little guy could only have been shin high but running like the clappers to keep up.

I'm torn as to whether his owner was letting him do something he loved or just being a lazy ass and not walking the poor hound. Unless of course his owner couldn't walk, then I'd just feel bad...

4. It's Not What it Looks Like!

Portaloos: I love 'em and loathe 'em in equal measure! 

At the gig on Saturday night the organisation was impeccable, cheap beer, good food and plenty of security. The only let down had to be the toilet situation (Isn't it always?). Before the Sis managed to blag us some VIP bands, I had to face the field of portaloos and the melée that surrounded them. There was no queue system, no manners, no keeping the bribary in check, it was barbaric!

Each time the loo was used the door would open to rapturous applause and three more people would scuffle to get in.... Until it was my turn to come out. I happened to wash my hands in there with the scaldiest soap (the only soap) and was sniffing my hands, appalled at my decision to do so when I opened the door, I was met with about 40 faces looking at me enquiringly then recoiling in horror. 'Jesus, no! It's the soap I'm smelling!' I protested but no one cared. There was a moment of unified disgust before the jostling resumed. Scarlet. For. Life!

5. Sigh No More

Moment 5 has to go to the gig itself. This here is Mumford & Sons playing Sigh No More as the sun set on Galway Bay & the mountains in the background. The weather was stunning, the beer was flowing and the craic was mighty (Yeah, I sedd it). I have to Thank MCD hugely for the tickets and the chance to tootle on down.

It's one of the best gigs I've been to and there have been many. The Sis and I sang our lungs out, chatted with all and sundry and made a few new friends. It was, quite simply, magnificent.

Lemme know what you've been up to this week, ja?

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