Thursday, June 21, 2012

New: Sun Soaked Collection from NYC

There are many Summer make up collections making their presence felt over the past couple of weeks. Today I have a look at the Summer offerings from one of the best budget brands on the market. Sun Soaked from NYC.

A simple search on this here blog will make my grá for NYC abundantly clear, the quality of the make up products for very few p is, quite literally, staggering. Their polishes, for only €1.29, could rival any of the top names in nail care and regularly feature in my nail art posts so I was thrilled to receive the new collection for review.

How about some pics and prices, eh?

Stand outs for me have to be the Kohl Kajal Gold, a burnt gold liner that's super flattering on your waterline to give the impression of larger eyes. The polishes (Back Street Brown & Water Street Blue), naturally stand out, but just look at those colours, could there be two more Summer appropriate shades?

Show Time Volumising Waterproof mascara, while not show stopping is a great addition to any swim or holiday bag. The gloss, Jaywalkin' Jam is very Juicy Tube like in flavour and texture but without the ridiculous stickiness. NYC Face Mosaic has been one of my go to bronzers for a long time now so the addition of Sun 2 Sun at the same price to the collection is a real treat.

Truth be told you could buy this entire collection for little over €20, it would make a fabulous holiday or festival make up kit or a very thoughtful pressie for a loved one heading off on their jollies.

If you haven't tried NYC, I'd urge you to do so, if you have, I'd love to know what your favourite is?


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Ok, on my list come payday is that gold liner and those polishes, they're gowwwwwjisssss

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

I must find a NYC stand pronto!!!

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