Wednesday, June 06, 2012

New! Kérastase Paris Cristalliste Range

Promising 'Lust Have Locks', the next generation in luxury hair care from Kérastase, Cristalliste, certainly doesn't disappoint. You know when you open a shocking pink bubble wrap package (my favourite) and you can't help but inhale the divine scent deeply then you're working with something a little bit special.

Aimed at busy young women with discerning taste, Cristalliste professes to give you resilient, feather light and free flowing locks. It also professes many things with large words that I've never heard of 'Oil Solubilisation', anyone? 'Magnet-Like Polymers', perhaps? Still heady on the divine scent, I decided to let my grúaig do the testing and off I popped for a hair wash. 

Clockwise from Top Left: Lait Cristal- €20.30, Lumiere Liquide- €22, Bain Cristal-€17, Bain Cristal Fine- €17
My locks are somewhat thick and layered so I opted for the Bain Cristal Thick (natch) for my first wash. Lathering quickly, this silicone, paraben & colorant free shampoo scented my hair beautifully and rinsed out easily. On to the Luminous Perfecting Conditioner, this consistency was much more fluid than I expected, though that is only to be expected if it was to live up to its lightweight claims. Using a small amount on my mid lengths and tips, again I rinsed it out effortlessly.

Having towel dried my hair I used one and a half pumps of the Lumiere Liquide (use less for fine hair) and set about blow drying my locks. Immediately I noticed the shine and that amplified with the Babyliss Big Hair. The first morning of use I had three compliments on the shine in my hair. It took all my restraint not to say 'Nah, I only washed it' as I tend to in my hilarity. 

Having been a fan of Kérastase for a long time now and purchasing their offerings as a Pay Day treat, Cristalliste has instantly shot to the top of my favourite hair care list. It smells divine, hyper boosts shine and, because it's stashed from the lads, is mine all mine! (Wha? It's for long hair!)

Available nationwide at consultant Kérastase salons or online from this is one range that doesn't need big words to sell it, just the two little ones: Try It!

Are you a Kérastase fan? Got another favourite hair care range you'd recommend?


Unknown said...

I love the keastase range.. always pick up something while im at the hairdresser

Unknown said...

I have never tried kerastase - I shall hang my droopy locks in shame

Unknown said...

Oh, i need this!!! Because im a brunette, im addicted to shine haha!

Andrew said...

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