Friday, June 29, 2012

Friends with Kids - Review

You're used to my normal layout of reviews, right? You'll have seen it replicated on other sites such is its simplicity, well this isn't one of those reviews. Friends with Kids was such an appalling let down of a film that I can't even be pushed to format font for it. That bad.

The story had potential, it had a kick ass cast and, in the right hands, should have done just that. Unfortunately it was in the hands of Jennifer Westfeldt as writer, director and protagonist.

What could have been an insightful, hilarious commentary on the trials and tribulations of modern relationships turned into a self indulgent circle jerk that tried it's utmost to wedge in as many product placements as humanly posssible. Star Chris O' Dowd (of the wojus American accent) agreed (kinda)

I haven't been this let down by a movie in quite a while, spending the entire second half wondering why I hadn't left yet, right up to the ridiculous cringefest that was the final scene.

Friends with Kids has apparently gotten 4 and 5 star reviews from all and her freelance writing Auntie so if you have seen it, I'd genuinely appreciate your take in the comments...

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Unknown said...

Saw it and its crap.
not even going to bother with anything else, oh and Chris had a new york accent nearly as bad as the Oirish guy in heroes.

Pretentious silage from people you are going to end up hating before the 1st 1/4 of the movie has started.

minus 4 stars. I rate it as highly as I rate the darjeeling limited. And I F****g hated that movie.